Feng Shui answers about furniture placements.
garage feng shui studio-min (Demo)

11 Sep: Feng Shui of Studio in Garage

Dear Uncle Dixer: I just moved back home and am living in the garage. There is a door in the backyard that leads into the garage and then of course two roller doors. I use one of the two…

office-home-house-desk feng shui-min (Demo)

16 Aug: The Basics of Home Office Feng Shui

Dear Uncle Dixer: My husband recently shifted his office to our home, in the south portion of the floor plan. To make it better I have changed the curtains to blue and have a decorative metal vase with…

window-wind out feng shui-min (Demo)

24 Jul: Are Wind Out Windows a Feng Shui Issue?

(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: I am asking a Chinese Feng Shui master to assess a house I would like to buy. I feel comfortable with the house. Hopefully he will be available. I googled for Feng Shui practitioners around…