Feng Shui Courses & Training

Learn how to harness Feng Shui to your benefit. Courses and classes on different schools of Feng Shui offered by Feng Shui experts from around the world.


Courses and classes for those new to Feng Shui. Learn the basics on how to practice Feng Shui, its foundations and how it can benefit you.


Also known as the Western or New Age Feng Shui, this school of Feng Shui delves into the use of products as enhancers. Learn how these arrangements

Flying Stars

This Classical School of Feng Shui uses time and space to calculate the Feng Shui of a house. It tells you when a house or certain sectors of it are auspicious, when they are not, and what you can do.

Eight Mansions

This Classical School of Feng Shui is famous for using your birthday to find your Kua number. Using your Kua, you can make adjustments to harness auspicious energy to benefit you.

Black Hat (BTB)

The Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB) combines the essence and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism with Feng Shui. Learn how to use this spiritual and holistic experience to benefit you.