Feng Shui Courses & Training

Take Feng Shui courses and classes to learn how to harness Feng Shui to your benefit. Select the school of Feng Shui below to get started.

Introductory Feng Shui Courses

Courses and classes for those Feng Shui beginners. Learn the basics on how to practice Feng Shui, its foundations and how it can benefit you.

Modern, Western & New Age Feng Shui Courses

Also known as the Western or New Age Feng Shui, this school of Feng Shui delves into the use of products as enhancers. Learn how these arrangements

Flying Star Feng Shui Courses

This Classical School of Feng Shui uses time and space to calculate the Feng Shui of a house. It tells you when a house or certain sectors of it are auspicious, when they are not, and what you can do.

Eight Mansions Feng Shui Courses

This Classical School of Feng Shui is famous for using your birthday to find your Kua number. Using your Kua, you can make adjustments to harness auspicious energy to benefit you.

Black Hat (BTB) Feng Shui Courses

The Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB) combines the essence and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism with Feng Shui. Learn how to use this spiritual and holistic experience to benefit you.

Overview of Feng Shui Courses & Training

The Feng Shui classes and programs offered here are offered by Feng Shui Masters from around the world. Countries where the masters reside include USA, Singapore, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and more. Only accredited Feng Shui masters are eligible to list their Feng Shui training courses here.

Courses offered here include ancient Classical Feng Shui and Modern Feng Shui, from both the Form School and the Compass School. The duration of these courses vary widely from master to master.

Types of Feng Shui Courses Offered

Courses offered are mostly online or downloadable content. Many of these experts offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. Some of these courses offer certificate programs, which requires you to finish a series of advanced training and assessment. Some offer courses geared towards ancient practice, while others offer courses geared towards architecture, design, and spirituality.

What School of Feng Shui Should You Choose?

This depends on you and what you want to achieve. It is suggested that you get acquainted with more than one school of Feng Shui so you can practice Feng Shui holistically and interpret it correctly. To start, choose from either Classical or Modern Feng Shui.

What to Expect After Finishing These Courses?

Some courses provides a certification, while others enables you to begin practice professionally after course completion. Some masters offer monthly follow-up meetings for graduate students in case they have additional questions. It is your responsibility to research what is offered by these courses so you can pick the one that’ll help achieve your goals.

How to Choose a Feng Shui Training Program that Suits You

Here are some questions for you to ask your potential instructor and points to consider for yourself:

  • Do you want to become a professional practitioner or do you just want to learn the basics? Answering this question yourself helps you narrow down your search criteria.
  • How long have your potential instructor been practicing Feng Shui? How long have they been training Feng Shui consultants? Practicing Feng Shui and training Feng Shui consultants are completely different. It is better to learn from an instructor who has extensive experience practicing Feng Shui. That way, the instructor can share those experience with you.
  • What Feng Shui school(s) does your potential instructor prefer or is best at? For instance, you might not want to learn Flying Star Feng Shui from an instructor who is known for BTB Feng Shui. Though the instructor may be knowledgeable on Flying Star Feng Shui, he/she has more experience in BTB Feng Shui and might not be as experienced as other practitioners known for Flying Stars. Aside from knowledge, experience is the most important thing you can learn from your instructor.
  • Is there a system of support for future questions after you graduate from the courses? After you’ve completed the classes, there will be situations where applying Feng Shui will be confusing. Your instructor should offer a system of support to help you clear those confusions.