Having a balanced and harmonious environment is key to your well-being. As a student, you need to put some extra thought into designing your study space to support your productivity and motivation to learn. Feng shui can be one of the ways to achieve it. 

According to the feng shui philosophy, all objects in your surroundings emit certain energy. If you arrange them correctly, it will change your way of thinking and approaching life, including school. Feng shui creates a positive flow around you that helps you feel in control of your life and achieve your goals. Here are five benefits you get by introducing feng shui practices into your environment. 

1. Clean and Decluttered Study Space

Clutter causes stagnant energy and brain fog. If your study space is disorganized, you’re more likely to procrastinate or struggle to stay focused on the task at hand. To promote better energy around you, clear the mess, and get rid of all things that no longer bring you positive emotions. 

However, feng shui practitioners believe that it’s not enough to clean your desk. Your mind needs “decluttering” as well. As a student, you naturally have a lot to take care of with all the essays, homework, and presentations. One of the ways to clear your mind is to organize your workflow and delegate some of your assignments to essay writers from a paper writing service. When you give your study routine a structure, it becomes easier to handle, and you get more energy and time to focus on your priorities.

2. Better Desk Placement

In the feng shui philosophy, the location of your desk is key to finding power and maximizing your productivity. Place your desk in a distant spot diagonally from the door. Ideally, you should face north or east while studying. Here are a few extra tips for arranging your desk for maximum productivity:

  • You should face neither a wall nor a window while studying. While the former is rather uninspiring, looking out of the window can be distracting and hinder your focus. 
  • Do not sit with your back to the door. The entrance should be in front of you but not in line. It’s best to place your desk diagonally opposite the door. 
  • Having a clear wall behind your back is great to give you supporting energy and add to your confidence. 
  • Invest in a wooden desk. It is one of the elements of feng shui that symbolizes power, growth, and creativity. 

3. Increased Productivity

Feng shui has a huge impact on your productivity. It influences how successfully you can memorize and retain information. Students who study in well-organized spaces find it easier to concentrate and maintain focus. Besides, they can complete their homework twice as fast as those who have many distractions around them. 

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4. Smart Decorations

People who practice feng shui believe in special objects and symbols that allow activating certain beneficial energies. Here are a few ideas to boost your learning:

  • Crystal decorations are known to unlock luck.
  • Plants and other green objects bring in soothing energy and power from the wood element
  • Photos or artworks with water elements stand for wisdom.

Feng shui symbols are highly allegorical. The key is to decorate your space with items that are meaningful personally to you. 

5. Balanced Color Scheme

Colors play a special role in feng shui. As a general rule, soft natural colors work well in study spaces. The brown color symbolizes comfort. White and gray increase clarity and concentration. If you want to stay active and have more energy, add bright blue or yellow accents to your room. 

You can also select a color scheme for your living and study space based on your feng shui element. You can easily calculate it using your date of birth. For example, if your birth element is wood, use brown and green. The water element people benefit from having a lot of blue and black around. Red, pink, and purple are for the fire element, while yellow and tan will serve best if you have an earth element birthday. Finally, if your element is metal, use a lot of white, gray, and black. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can take advantage of feng shui to optimize your study space. Ancient Chinese practices improve your productivity, give you a sense of calmness and safety, and motivate you to study. The comfort and positive energy flow will support your academic endeavors and help you earn better grades.