In the Asian culture, it’s common to utilize Feng Shui symbols to improve most aspects, especially regarding work. Continue reading to learn how you can use these techniques to invite, enhance and attract success in your examinations.

Although every student works hard, not everyone gets the results they want and as a result have to turn to various homework help services like Writance, where experienced professionals do homework for students for money. Utilizing, harmonizing, and balancing energies surrounding your existence is essential. Feng Shui comes with the power to offer optimal success and fortune for students. Using Feng Shui tips can improve the reading environment if you’re in school. It can help transform average but hardworking individuals into top achievers and the smart ones into stars.

image 1 - 5 Feng Shui Symbols for Success in Exams

“If you’re struggling with your exams and assignments, Feng-Shui can improve your concentration levels and give you incredible tips to conduct research. Even when you pay someone to do your essay so you can study some more, knowing these ancient ways makes it easier to focus on the one thing that’s more important. Anyone can practice these techniques. They might also be the answer for those who wish to raise their grades,” recommends Tom Blade, a Feng Shui practitioner and a writer at PapersOwl.

Here are the popular feng shui tips that will help students:

1.      Laughing Buddha Statue

It’s one of the most famous icons for those who want prosperity, excellent health, happiness, and victory. Experts believe that any area around your study table can highly benefit from its radiating spirit.

The statue represents understanding, wisdom, and fulfilling destiny. Should it look peaceful, calm, and serene? Not each piece seems to look that way.

The statue’s story revolves around the Buddhist monk who resided in China in the 10th century. He looked somehow centered, but his heart was transparent and caring. However, most people loved and respected him during that period and time. The heart-warming, innocent guy is believed to transcend from Gautama Buddha.

In a group of feng-shui collections, from rings and sculptures to gems and keyrings, you will find the Laughing Buddha there. The figure embraces massive enthusiasm in all your spaces. You’ll get it in a vast range of materials, styles, and poses, mainly in gold.

2.      Dragon

The Golden Dragon is a cherished and respected symbol among the Chinese. But its popularity cuts across several cultures as well, especially in Asia. Most people use it as a belief symbol in most practices. Thanks to its wide range of significance, it’s a notable figure in feng-shui.

For many decades, it has stood tall among many more symbols because it’s used to magnify positivity, abundance, and dignity.

One of the superb monuments called the Great Wall of China has an image of a giant dragon in its design. Because of its massive popularity, you’ll find it in almost everything you find as a picture.

If students desire to pass their examinations and make life easier, the Dragon symbol is associated with these exemplary things. If you want to know how to study more in less time for exams, having this feature near you helps because it makes everything easier. Whether you are adding a post navigation theme to your article or completing your homework, it will ensure all the pressure disappears.

You can purchase it from several stores online.

3.      Crystal Lotus

The flowers might seem unappealing when you look at them for the first time. However, the hues and structure are beautiful. Under the delicate shell has a deeper meaning that goes back centuries ago.

Most Asian cultures regard the followers as hallowed and regard it as the most spiritual plant on Earth. Its developmental process is different from other flowers. It goes under the river water each nightfall because the roots are stuck in the dirt. It mysteriously re-blooms in the morning and appears dazzling clean. Most traditions associate the procedure with spiritual awakening and reincarnation.

Apart from helping students in their studies, every part of the flower comes with medical powers in ancient Chinese herbal remedies. From the roots or base to the flower, it renders the plant much more efficient for a peaceful and happy household. It is believed to replace lousy energy with a good one. According to specialists, it helps purify the soul and allows you to gain knowledge.

The importance of the Lotus is represented by several symbols and signs in Chinese mythology. Ho Hsien Ku is one of the Eight Divine creatures and the symbol of romantic joy and matrimony in the Taoist religion. It’s crucial because it emits refreshing relationships and pleasant liveliness. Additionally, since it represents the Earth element, this is Mother Earth’s benediction icon.

4.      Thriving Plants

Thriving plants symbolize good fortune and success because they captivate vital qi, which inspires growth and outstanding results in work life.

image 2 - 5 Feng Shui Symbols for Success in Exams

Ensure you’ve healthy green plants in the room and around the study table to promote victory and growth. One of the most popular plants is Pilea or the Chinese money plant that comes with leaves shaped like a coin. However, whichever plant you go with, choose the one you care to take quickly. Ensure that the place gets enough light for the plant’s survival.

5.      Your Desk

Your study table symbolizes your education, so ensure you’ve one in the room! Typically, you want a stable, solid desk to ground and support. It’s essential to get the best desk you can afford, one that works well for you and that you love.

Experts recommend the brown color because it’s associated with the earth element. For this reason, a piece of brown wooden furniture will be very supportive. In feng shui, the five elements of fire, wood, metal, water, and Earth are crucial. They help humans achieve the correct Yang and Yin balance. The wood symbol also holds a force that guarantees success for students.

Glass is also stylish, but studying on a transparent display might mean that opportunities and ideas might get lost and fall through. It would be best if you also had a desk chair that has a high back since it offers more stability and support, which will translate into a feeling of support in your career and education.

Another tip is to avoid placing the desk facing the main door or the window because it will affect concentration levels. It would be best if you placed it against a solid wall.


You can now use the luck charms and different energy-filled things mentioned here, and they’ll bring academic achievements. If you’re not feeling well in class, these tips and placements are a guaranteed way to augment your focus and assist you in passing future tests. They will boost your performance and help you stay determined, motivated, and committed to your academic goals.