Astrology is a mysterious subject that can’t leave anyone indifferent. It studies astronomical phenomena and events and their influence on human fate.

There might be many different reasons to study astrology. Namely, it can help you to understand and know yourself better. Also, it can become your guiding light in life and help you find the right path. But how can you study this subject if you are still in college?

In this article, we’ve collected the top six resources that are free to use and can help students master this subject at their own pace.

1. Udemy

If you want a deep dive into astrology, Udemy might be one of the best places to start. Chances are that you’ve already heard about this site – it is a large, popular educational platform with hundreds of online courses on various topics, including astrology.

Of course, many courses provided here are paid. But not all of them. If you go to the Astrology category on Udemy and filter search results to free lessons, you will discover over 20 free opportunities to study this subject. Namely, some of the top-rated free courses include Astrology – The Big 3, Learn to Make Astrology Predictions 101, etc. Be sure to check out Udemy for more opportunities. But don’t forget that taking an in-depth astrology course will require much of your time and attention. So, if you are a student, you might need a trusted academic writing service that will help you rewrite essay and get papers on-time with ease. This way, your grades won’t go down even if you shift your focus toward learning astrology.

2. Cafe Astrology

The next helpful resource for learning astrology doesn’t provide online courses on this subject. But Cafe Astrology features a large database of learning materials that can also come in handy. Namely, on this site, you will find many relevant horoscopes, astrology trends and forecasts, astrology reports, birth chart interpretations, and much more.

The best thing about this resource is that it also provides a large number of free, downloadable books on astrology. So, with this resource by your side, you will be able to study this exciting subject on your own.

3. AstroLibrary

AstroLibrary combines everything you might be looking for when studying astrology. On this great resource, you will find a huge collection of reports, interpretations, ebooks, progressions, calculators, and other helpful materials. And even that’s not all!

On this website, you will also discover dozens of thorough astrology lessons available for free. From planets and signs to more complex subjects like Synastry – AstroLibrary will walk you through everything you need to know to understand astrology. As mentioned earlier, studying astrology takes time and effort. So, feel free to check out this essay reviews service to find yourself a reliable academic writing assistant who will help you save enough time for learning astrology without risking your grades.

4. Labyrinthos

Labyrinthos is a unique online resource that combines a wealth of knowledge on astrology, Lenormand, and tarot. On this website, you can find lots of free articles on different topics related to astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs. And there is also a great blog featured on this site that can take your knowledge even further.

One thing that makes Labyrinthos so great, especially for beginners, is that it has a large database of astrology printables. If you are just getting started with astrology, you can sign up at this resource and download helpful free cheat sheets.

5. Astrology Basics Workbook

A rather famous astrology-focused blogger and YouTuber, Maren Altman, shares a lot of interesting and relevant information through her social networks. Probably, anyone could learn a bit about astrology by simply following her. But to help you get a deeper introduction to this subject, Maren also shares a free astrology workbook.

According to Maren Altman herself, her work is a “starter kit” for everyone interested in learning astrology. The book will take you through all the basic concepts step by step. Namely, you will learn the meanings of signs, planets, houses, and more.

6. The Astrology Podcast

Podcasts have been rather popular recently, so it’s possible to find them on a variety of topics, including astrology. The Astrology Podcast by Chris Brennan is one of the best free options out there. This podcast consists of two parts that give you a deep dive into every sign. With its help, you can learn how horoscope signs are different in detail. So, it is a great resource for learning.

The only thing you need to know is that, since this podcast is so detailed, understanding it can be rather hard for complete beginners. Therefore, you really want to study the basic concepts and terms of astrology before using this resource.

The Bottom Line

Studying astrology and reading an astrology chart can be rather hard. This subject spans a wide range of concepts, ideas, and practices that can take a while to master. But with a bit of persistence and the free resources from this article, you should be able to get on the right track and become an astrology expert yourself!