Everyone wants a beautiful bedroom. After all, it’s a place to kick back, relax and unwind into a space that is entirely yours. In 2022, our time is stretched more than ever before, with time demands from our job, technology, and life duties all demanding valuable pieces of our time. 

However, the bedroom serves as a place to escape from all this. So why not make the space incredible? Let’s discover some fantastic bedroom design tips so you can create a beautiful space to unwind into. 

1. Embrace Simplicity 

A cluttered room means a chaotic headspace. A space with stuff scattered everywhere, overcrowded with furniture, feels as hectic as the world on the outside. Instead, embrace simplicity and adopt a minimalistic approach. It’s surprising how many items you can do without in your bedroom, so remove anything that isn’t serving a purpose.  

It’s also crucial to consider where furniture is positioned for ease of movement. Although this may seem trivial, a poorly designed bedroom where you have to maneuver around things to perform basic tasks will get annoying very quickly. 

For example, when you have to walk around a desk to open a wardrobe every time or climb across your bed to use it. A simple, well-thought design, where it’s easy to do everything, is step 1 for designing the perfect bedroom space.

2. Go All Out, Bed & Linen 

One thing you should always invest in is your bed and linen. We spend over a third of our lives asleep, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible? 

The first thing to consider is your mattress; old mattresses can harm your body and mind. Because you become so familiar with your current bed after years of use, you may not even realize this. According to the Sleep Better Council, your mattress is outdated if you: 

  • If you wake up with stiffness, pains, and aches 
  • You feel sore and tired even after a full night’s sleep 
  • You slept better in a different bed 
  • Your mattress is over seven years old 

If these problems sound familiar, it’s time to replace your mattress. Tell us your mattress dimensions and bed frame dimensions, and we can send you a brand new, medium-firm mattress and have you sleep better than ever. 

3. Color Theory 

The next crucial bedroom design consideration is color. Choosing subtle low-tone colors is necessary to create a calming space. Primary colors are terrible, as they’re too loud and have strong emotional connotations. For example, red connotes anger and danger, whereas orange can connote learning or fun.

Use toned-down versions and shades to create a space to feel relaxed and calm. Tranquil white, neutral beige, and lavender are all colors with calming, cozy connotations that are perfect for creating this feel. 

4. Get Creative With Storage 

If you’re someone who has too much stuff in your room, and let’s face it, most of us do. Then get creative with how you store it—this is especially important if you have a small bedroom. 

But whatever the size of your room, utilizing all the space to store things can free up space and help to create a minimalistic, simple design. For example, you could use under-bed boxes to store clothes when they’re out of season, such as oversized coats and thermals you won’t need during the summer. 

As well as this, you could get inventive with your desk space and use a roll-over bed desk? Or utilize the corner of your rooms by installing corner shelves to store books or tech items. There are many extraordinary ways to create extra storage space by getting creative. 

5. Incorporate Nature

No great bedroom is complete without a bit of nature. The aesthetic that just a handful of pot plants or succulents can create is remarkable, not to mention what it can do for your health. Merging the great outdoors with a simplistic bedroom layout is, without doubt, the best way to fashion a tranquil space. 

According to this study, having plants in your room can create a natural, soothed, and comfortable feel. This is due to the suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity that plants have on our physiology. 

6. Clever Lighting 

Lighting is crucial to any perfect bedroom space. Why not install a lighting system where you can adjust the brightness for multiple lighting options. Perfect for setting a mood. You can also use multiple lights to create the same effect or save one energy when you don’t need your main lights. 

A bedside lamp, fairy lights, and desk lights can be great for saving on energy bills. Good lighting focuses the light into the right areas and sets an appropriate mood for whatever you’re doing. Mirrors are also fantastic for creating extra lighting if your room is particularly dark and doesn’t receive much natural light. 

Perfect Bedroom, Perfect Sleep 

Putt time into creating a stunning bedroom space, and you’ll have a room you want to spend time in. A place to head back to after a long day, unwind, relax and recharge. For this to happen, you need surroundings that promote these feelings. To recap, let’s revisit those bedroom design tips to create such a space: 

  • Keep it simple 
  • Invest in your mattress and linen
  • Consider colors and tone 
  • Use storage creatively 
  • Get the lighting right