Feng Shui derives from the Chinese practice of designing objects, spaces, and pieces within an environment. The primary purpose of this art is to create harmony, attract prosperity, enhance health, promote happiness, and boost energy levels. 

When homeowners adopt Feng Shui in their living spaces, they can eliminate the bad energies that block their wealth and success. In turn, they can protect themselves and their families from attracting negative energies while providing a peaceful place to live.

This article provides you with seven effective strategies for boosting feng shui energy.

1. Cleanse With Crystals

A crystal is a well-structured molecular element whose components are patterned on a surface, reflecting its inner symmetry. One of the common crystal meanings includes its ability to engage with the body’s energetic field, creating alignment and balance. 

Since these natural crystals come from Earth, these elements have the power to invite earthly qualities into the home once homeowners work with them. Therefore, they should use the best crystals with amethyst properties by placing them in their bedrooms to invite more financial prosperity into their lives.

2. Clear With Sound

Sound healing therapy is the process of using music to enhance the emotional and physical well-being of an individual. As a result, this therapeutic activity can lessen stress while promoting relaxation and a revived sense of purpose.

Since music can improve the well-being of a person, they have to clear their living spaces with vibrational sounds. They can hang wind chimes at the entrance of their homes and place a bell or gong at a desk to remove negative energies and help them attract positive chi. Alternatively, they can clap their hands or beat on a singing bowl to cleanse the power inside each bedroom.

3. Place A Buddha Near The Front Door

The Laughing Buddha is the most potent representation of joy, which can take away issues and highlight wealth, life fulfillment, and career success. The idea of this symbolic figurine is that it can fill residential and commercial properties with prosperity and positive energies.

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Since the Laughing Buddha has the power to boost financial and career prosperity, homeowners should boost their feng shui energy with this figurine. To achieve effective results, they have to place the Buddha figurine in the southeast direction of their living spaces. Once they do so, they might increase their income and attract more joy inside their homes.

4. Invest In A Nine-Level Pagoda

A nine-level pagoda is another figurine believed to bring excellent career and academic luck to individuals. This symbol can boost their intellectual capabilities, strength, and compassion as a representation of poise and totality. 

Since the nine-level pagoda can enhance the stability of a person, homeowners must invest in it. Parents with children who are struggling with academics should place it as a decoration on their study desks. After that, the child will attract scholastic luck that will help them boost their examination performances and memory.

5. Buy A Feng-Shui Dragon

The Feng Shui dragon is a sculptural figure beneficial for those seeking great prosperity and great fortune. This symbol denotes money, authoritative power, good luck, and success. When homeowners place this figurine inside their homes, they surround their families with protective energies and guard them against evil spirits.

Since the Feng Shui dragon is adequate protection against bad energies, homeowners must look for this figurine. After that, they have to place it inside the house, position it facing the front door, and ensure that its claws aren’t facing any window or door.

6. Purify With Palo Santo

A palo santo is a native tree from South American countries traditionally used to cure inflammation and pain. Its wood can promote feelings of joy and help brighten the energy inside a household. Additionally, it has natural insect repellant properties that allow a homeowner to repel mosquitoes, ants, and termites.

Since the palo santo can help promote positive energies, individuals must purchase it from a credible retailer to ensure its effectiveness. Then, they can burn palo santo sticks as incense or have a ritual smudging using charcoal to welcome good fortune into their living spaces. 

7. Heal With Plants

Plants with healing properties have the power to create welcoming energy and balance the air inside residential properties. Adding this living organism to a house can transform the area from a shared space to a total Zen that highlights self-care. With their air-purifying capabilities, homeowners will enjoy positive well-being.

Since having a plant can heal individuals, they should fill their houses with feng shui plants so they can generate nourishing energy. These plants include the money tree that can bring wealth, a white bird of paradise that encourages good energies, and a snake plant that offers protection. In addition, they may include aloe vera because it will help them realign their spaces so they can welcome a beautiful aura. 

Key Takeaway

Homeowners want to protect their families from negative energies that could hinder their prosperity, success, and luck. Fortunately, they can boost their feng shui energy with these seven strategies. Once they do so, they might achieve financial freedom, attract positive events, and develop good well-being.

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