Feng Shui isn’t just for the interior of your home; you can experience the power and peace of this practice by incorporating it into your backyard or outdoor living spaces too. Create the perfect oasis to relax, unwind, and restore balance and harmony to your life when you create a Feng-Shui inspired space that makes a beautiful at-home retreat. The best part? It only takes a few key tips and key Feng Shui strategies to set up the harmonious outdoor living space you’re looking for. 

1. Consider the Overall Flow of Your Outdoor Space 

The first step is assessing your current outdoor living space. How does it flow? Does it have plants, clutter, or a layout that blocks an open flow of energy? To have a more harmonious feel, your outdoor space should flow and not be blocked. Remove anything that is in the way and consider setting up furniture in such a way that it allows that smooth, unrestricted flow of space. Setting furniture in small groups or in a gentle line that allows for movement and space will also help to create a peaceful feeling flow. 

You can also set it up in a practical way for this aspect as well – for example, keep the grill off-center or in alignment with an exterior wall rather than blocking energy. Set up outdoor decorative items so they follow the lines of your design and aren’t creating blockages. Invest in storage furniture, deck boxes, or other items that let you coral outdoor toys and backyard necessities so you can keep the space clutter-free and peaceful. Tuck an outdoor waste bin in a tasteful, hidden way space to keep a place for refuse nearby but still keep the beautiful look and feel you want. 

2. Decks Can Open Up Your Space for Positive Energy

Decks can be a wonderful element to incorporate into your backyard design. These not only provide relaxing, peaceful areas to chat, dine, and relax, but they can also work well with Feng Shui by creating a spacious feel that allows energy to flow through the area in a balanced way. Look up “deck builder near me” to find reliable contractors in your area who can customize decks to your space. 

3. Consider Furniture With Soft Lines and Gentle Edges

Feng Shui has even been linked to having a healthier mind, and it can create the stress-free, peaceful space you want. Sharp edges and severe lines don’t promote harmony and balance. So, if you’re going for that peaceful feel in line with Feng Shui principles, consider purchasing outdoor furniture that has curved edges or follows soft lines rather than more harsh pieces or rigid arrangements. For example, an outdoor section in a curved L-shape, a gentle U-shape, or even a circular or C-shape could help promote harmony. Rounded chairs, hammocks, smooth swings, and other smooth-flowing furniture can also help in your outdoor place, Look for rounded edges in outdoor dining tables and coffee tables, and cushioned features where it makes sense for your outdoor set-up. 

4. Revamp Your Plant Life to Follow Shui Design 

You may not think of your backyard or outdoor plants as part of your designs, but this can have a bug impact on the Feng Shui of your space. Any plants with hard, poky, pointed leaves, rectangular or boxy shapes, or hard lines or edges can disrupt the harmony of the space. Consider rehoming these types of plants if you have them and replacing them with plants and flowers that have soft edges and curves. Also regularly remove dead plants and trees from your yard or outdoor space. 

5. Add Key Feng Shui Elements Into Your Outdoor Decor 

The key Feng Shui Elements are fire, water, wood, metal, earth, metal, and water. Since the space is already outdoors, you’ll have natural earth elements, but you can also add these to your decor with potted or hanging plants, designated garden spaces, and more. Add the other elements in practical ways, such as metal planters, as well as through decorative features, like a pretty fountain for a water feature and a backyard fire pit or outdoor candles to showcase the fire element. You’ll be well on your way to peace and harmony by incorporating the core Feng Shui elements.

6. Look at the Bagua Map for Your Outdoor Spaces

Just like interior home design, you can consult the Bauga map for the overall design and placement of furniture and decor for your outdoor spaces. The Bagua shows specific areas and rules for wealth, relationships, career, and health. Decide how to place your outdoor furniture, decor, and Fen Shui elements according to a traditional Bagua map for harmony and balance in your outdoor space. 

7. Incorporate Auspicious Feng Shui Color in Your Outdoor Space Too

While many people have outdoor spaces that are already filled with at least some color due to natural greenery, flowers, and plants, incorporating colors that have positive Feng Shui can also make the space more balanced. Consider how you want the space to feel and function; bright colors can make it feel more energized, while more muted colors can add relaxation. Central hues in Feng Shui include red, orange, yellow, pink, white, green, blue, gray, white, and shades of purple and brown. 

Create the Perfect Outdoor Area With Feng Shui 

Feng Shui can be a powerful practice that really infuses your outdoor areas with positive energy. By incorporating a few of these design rules and tips, you can create an outdoor space that has perfect harmony and balance. 

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