Have you ever heard people say that the way furniture is located in your room, as well as all these little things that you like to decorate your room with, affect your success? Have you ever considered redecorating your room because someone said it’s not feng shui style?

We bet you did. People are so concerned about energy flow now that almost every student knows what feng shui is and practices it in a certain way. The demand for interior designers who are aware of feng shui principles is also growing.

Of course, most students cannot afford feng shui specialists. They have so many different expenses that they can barely accommodate essay and dissertation writing service into their budget. Decoration and energy streams are definitely not on their list of priorities.

Nonetheless, the effect of dorm room transformation according to feng shui is indeed surprising. After all, why not give it a try if it promises success? Moreover, it’s not that difficult to follow a few practical suggestions from the Chinese feng shui guru.

Actually, this approach is quite common for students. Why pay more if they can get whatever advice they need for free? The same applies to using an assignment writing service like EssayHub. They use whatever is offered for free first; if it is fruitful, they agree to pay for extra service.

So, let’s start with a few feng shui tips that you can apply for free and see if they work:

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

The first and the best advice is to get rid of all unnecessary stuff in your dorm room. This will promote better chi flow and help you live in a tidy space. Minimalism is a big friend of feng shui, which is very useful in this case. Get rid of all the stuff that you don’t use, and you’ll live a happier life. A clutter-free life also promotes your productivity and peace of mind.

Add More Natural Light

You should have as much natural light in your room as possible. Do not trust anyone who says that artificial light is just the same. It can never have the same effect and make up for the natural light.

Place your table right in front of the window to maximize sunlight and thus boost your productivity. After all, all humans depend on biorhythms. You should remember that we are most productive and creative during the day.

Have Flowing Water

Water also has an important place in feng shui ­– and thus, in your room. In feng shui, water symbolizes healthy, moving chi. Consider placing an aquarium or a fountain with flowing water in your room. Any way you find to incorporate water into your room will do, even if it’s just something small and symbolic.

Separate Your Sleeping Area

We know that a dorm room is already small to apply all these ideas of space separation. However, it definitely works, improving the quality of sleep, as well as productivity levels.

So, the best thing you can do is the following: try to separate your bed at least visually from the rest of the room. This will help you subconsciously distinguish the time dedicated to having rest and working. Secondly, never study or work on your laptop when you are in bed. This trains your brain that bed is a place to be productive, and can lead to trouble sleeping.

Grow a Houseplant

Having something natural in your room is not just great in terms of feng shui, it’s also healthy. House plants are proven to have a positive effect on the environment, providing more oxygen. Chinese philosophy, however, says that plants should be in your room as they are constantly breathing and expelling energy, enabling healthy chi flow.

Bring More Mirrors to Your Place

Feng shui says that mirrors placed on the wall or on the desk reflect the energy and bring more light into the room. Yet, you shouldn’t place them facing your bed.

Behind a spiritual meaning, mirrors are used to create an illusion of a larger space. In other words, you can make your room more comfortable by visually enlarging it with the help of mirrors.

Add More Photographs

The smiling faces of your loved ones can fuel your energy and help you go through the most difficult periods of life. Print as many pictures as you want and locate them all around your room. This will boost your happy memories and again improve the flow of chi energy.

feng shui room with photo min - 8 Feng Shui Tips for a Student’s Dorm Room

Rearrange Your Furniture

The placement of your furniture across the room also has a significant effect on the energy flow. Of course, there is not much to do when we talk about a dorm room, but you still can improve chi flow. All you need to do is to place your bed towards the doorway but not directly in line with it. This way, the energy of the outside world will enter the room without disrupting your own.


Feng shui is a great and cheap way to strengthen energy flow inside and outside the room, thus increasing your productivity and efficiency. Do not neglect these simple steps, and you’ll definitely see it working.