In every action, there’s an equal reaction. Some say, ‘If you do something bad, you’ll just have to wait until it gets back to you.’ Even if you can escape the consequences of your immediate action, karma will find its way and give you what you deserve. But apart from doing bad things, you can also do good things, and karma will do the same.

Good karma is when you do something good without any hope of anything in return, yet something amazing comes your way. Wouldn’t it be nice to do this, instead of something horrible happening to you? This is the process in past life regression course wherein you give justice to your past life to allow yourself to live a better present life. Listed below are some ways to cultivate good karma:

1. Always Share A Compliment

Not everyone is entirely comfortable sharing a compliment with other people, especially if they’re strangers. This can be tempting, especially if you notice something amazing about them. It could be their attitude or what they’re wearing. However, keep in mind that compliments are harmless—for as long as they’re genuine, of course. If you think someone has something worth mentioning, get out of your comfort zone and let them know. You’d be surprised how your small compliment can brighten their day. 

2. Constantly Say ‘Thank You’

Two powerful words that can help to make anyone’s day better is ‘thank you.’ Whether it’s something grand or small, saying those words can help people understand that you see what they’re doing and value their actions, no matter how small. It could be saying thank you to someone who opened the door for you or even to the staff who offered you water at the restaurant. Even if it’s their job to do so, there’s no harm in uttering those words to appreciate their service.

3. Offer Help Whenever Possible

If you see someone struggling to do something, it’s great to offer help whenever possible. This will help take the load off their shoulders and make things easier for them. You could begin by tutoring a child a new lesson, helping them with their homework, babysitting for busy parents, or even as simple as picking a pen from the floor from someone who dropped it. Offering help doesn’t have to be extraordinary, but it’s something that can make someone’s day a bit easier. 

4. Stop Littering

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who litter in public spaces. It can be frustrating, especially since it affects the beauty of the place while also harming the environment. While you can try to pick up other people’s litter and throw it in the trash, you could also begin the action by not littering anywhere. Hold on to your wrapper or plastic bottle until you find a trash can you can dump them in. Encourage people around you to do the same as well. This small action can lead to something big, especially if they spread awareness wherever they go. 

5. See The Good In Everything

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be optimistic. It helps make someone feel better, especially when faced with a troubling scenario. Seeing the good in everything gives you a different perspective and helps lighten the mood. You can even share your optimism with the people around you and let yourself spread positivity and kindness whenever possible. While some scenarios make it hard to see the brighter side of things, looking at small details might help, even if you think it doesn’t have too much impact. 

6. Spend Time With The Elderly

It’ll be nice if you could spend a day with the senior citizens in your life. You could go out and have fun, or just stay home and enjoy each other’s company. The elderly have their own concerns and struggles in their lives, and spending time with them may be just what they need. You can ask them to teach you how to cook, knit, sing, or even do physical activities together, such as walking and dancing. Spending even just a few hours together on the weekend would surely be a great highlight of their week, making their lives much more enjoyable. 

7. Give Up A Seat For Someone In Need

If you’re seated while riding public transportation, such as a bus or train, it’ll be nice if you could offer your seat to someone who needs it. It could be with an elderly person, a pregnant woman, or a person with a disability. But apart from those, you could also give up your seat to someone who looks exhausted. It could be your local barista or a construction worker. You don’t have to look at their age and gender to offer them a seat. But if you see that they need to take a break, even if it just means getting back home, sacrificing a few minutes of your comfort by giving it to someone else couldn’t hurt.

8. Be Kind To Nature

There’s only one place for us to live in, and that’s Earth. Since we only have one planet to call home, wouldn’t it be nice to take good care of it? Apart from avoiding littering, you could plant as many trees as possible. You could also try to reduce your carbon footprint by relying less on your car and instead use public transportation or ride your bike. You can also explore switching to solar energy and electric-powered vehicles.

9. Donate Brand-New Things To Charity

When people donate to charity, they often only give the old things they no longer need after decluttering. While it’s a great idea to do so, wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide them with brand-new items as well? If you have space in your budget, you could try shopping for donations. It could be a brand-new sweater, socks, food, school supplies, personal hygiene products, and more. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, but it should be something the recipients can use. That’ll be a great way to let them enjoy all good things, not just something someone has already used.


There are plenty of amazing ways you can cultivate good karma. Apart from changing your point of view, doing good deeds for other people will bring you to spectacular places. While it may need some adjusting, the benefits you’ll give this world would surely be appreciated. Good karma will eventually come your way.

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