From the walls to the floor, a well-decorated student room looks appealing to the eye. It builds a motivating atmosphere that is good for learning. You don’t have to source the most expensive decoration materials to make your room beautiful. You can use simple wallpapers, an affordable rug, good lighting, and simple furniture. Books are a great treasure when you commit yourself to reading them. They introduce you to a world of imagination, knowledge, and intelligence. You need to go for aesthetically attractive books with great covers such as these.

What is Feng Shui Design And What Are Its Rules?

Something that people like to change sometimes is interior design. And one of the best styles to help you with it is Feng Shui. But what does it represent, and what rules to follow? Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical tradition concerned with achieving a state of internal and external harmony. Its principles extend beyond the norms of Western style in terms of both practicality and aesthetics. Instead, it emphasizes the positive energy flow that leads to bodily and mental well-being, as well as success in one’s endeavors and harmonious interpersonal connections.

Feng shui, often known as the “art of arrangement,” is, at its core, concerned with arranging objects in a space so as to maximize the flow of “Chi” (energy). Each component of the term “Feng,” for wind, and “Shui,” for water, contributes to the overall meaning. These two things are not only necessary to human life but also constantly in motion and flux all across the globe. The Bagua map is the primary planning instrument in Feng Shui decorations. It is a tool for assessing the flow of chi in an area and making informed decisions about how to improve it. You may use the component and color connected with every Bagua map’s nine quadrants to guide your Feng Shui design plan.

Feng Shui theory is applicable to various spheres, and one of them is books. Some that emphasize ideas in this style are “A Practical Guide For Architects And Designers” by Vincent M. Smith, and “A Master Course In Feng Shui” by Eva Wong.  Here are also great examples of aesthetically attractive books for decorating the student’s room that we will talk about in more detail.

She Gets the Girl by Rachel Lippincott and Alyson Derrick

Molly and Alex are college freshmen with opposite characteristics. Molly is shy and awkward, a reason that makes it harder for her to win Cora to her. Alex, on the other hand, is a go-getter, confident, and flirty. The two realize they have extreme opposites and decide to help each other get the girl. The cover displays the legs of the two friends, one to the extreme right and the other extreme left.

One is in blue trousers to signify calmness, orderliness, and peace. The other is in black trousers to signify power, sophistication, and mystery. The background color is yellow to signify warmth and joy after winning the girls. This book’s cover will blend well with a yellow wall and a vase of flowers with blue summer flowers. It is a top choice of home decorating books for students seeking inspiration.

Symbolism is often used in academic literature, especially when writing book reviews. It helps a student create emotion in the story and meaning. At one time or another, lecturers give writing assignments that require students to study a book. Due to their importance in college, the student must read essay examples first. Consequently, pupils can ask themselves: “Who can write my dissertation for me, or where I can get help?”. Fortunately, they can choose writers from EduBirdie and learn all about text samples. It’s an excellent idea for them to seek online help if this kind of situation appears. Professional authors are well-educated individuals with a lot of experience. So, students can collect truly beneficial pieces of data from them and take them to their advantage.

Where the Rhythm Takes You by Sarah Dass

Reyna is a teenager living mostly in her family’s seaside resort. Her mother passed on two years ago, and her childhood friend Aiden traveled to study music. The island resort is no longer gorgeous to her but a purgatory. This is made worse by the absence of her mom and best childhood friend. Aden suddenly shows up as a VIP at the resort and is the leader of a hot music group.

The cover displays a beautiful face that shows grief, hope, and love. It is one of the best interior design books for inspiration. The beautiful large leaves remind readers about autumn when leaves turn color in readiness for the winter. The birds are also flying away before winter sets in. The cover blends well with room decorations that seek to maximize colors.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno

Rosa Santos bears a curse that has haunted three of her family generations. This novel makes a good choice for home decoratingbooks. Although she’s young and beautiful, dating her is a risk. Her time for college finally comes, and she meets Alex Aquino. He has ocean tattoos and could be the one who will break her curse.

The book’s cover shows a teenage girl dressed in a yellow sundress and sneakers. On her side is a large blue wave mural depicting the ocean by which she was cursed. This cover matches well with dark minimalist colors. It is perfect for students who love nature and would want colors that remind them of the natural world.

Nora Roberts best selling In the Garden Series

Each of Nora Roberts’s three novels derives its themes from garden flowers. She writes about her experiences in love and relationships. She likens each experience to a specific flower making her novels good books on home design. One of her Garden trilogies is Blue Dahlia. She recounts how she opened her heart to a new love in her hometown in southern Tennessee.

She discovered she had to fight for what she loved, even if it meant death. Except for the vividly displayed blue flower, the rest of the front background color is white. This makes the book a good choice for students who love unique colors but prefer being minimal. Blue will perfectly pair with almost any other color.

French Complexion by Christine Clais and Aimee Harel

If you want to keep your skin young no matter your age, this is one of the good books to read. The cover background is dotted with pieces of cotton wool, creams, and flower petals. There are little dots of lipstick all over the cover. These create the perfect mural for a wall, but the book cover would blend well with a wide range of colors. It is one of the books on home designthat will match well with cream, beige, pink, and blue.

Mona by Pola Oloixarac

Pola loves painting, and this book’s cover aesthetics exceed her other books. The painting is that of a woman trying to fit into a generation she doesn’t belong to, yet she belongs to, to some extent. It is inspired by her multiple bizarre sexual encounters. Except for the beautifully striking painting, the rest of the cover is black. They are in perfect harmony, which makes them one of the best interior design books. It can blend with an array of colors such as black, cream, white, and green.


Books contain hidden knowledge that a student can discover through reading. Different authors have written millions of books that are good for students. Each author uses their inspiration and imagination to create the most stunning book cover. Some have aesthetically attractive designs for decorating a student’s room. Books with complex designs might not be the best for decorating a room.

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