An accurate astrology forecast will help zodiac signs set goals and easily bring about the necessary changes in their lives.

Experts recommend that you read the next weekly forecast to find out about the events in advance and make an accurate action plan. Do not forget about intuition. Paying attention to your inner voice will help you accurately interpret warnings and easily overcome possible difficulties.


The Hermit arcana encourages Aries to step away from the hustle and bustle of the world for a while to listen to themselves. According to this card, it is important to assess what is happening and not try to move things forward. It’s time to take a fresh look at problem solving and find an original way to cope with obstacles on the way.

According to the Moderation card, it is important for Aries to remember balance and proportion in everything. The ability to balance feelings and thoughts will be useful for those who are on the verge of new discoveries or completing complex tasks. Arcana’s advice is to resist provocations and maintain inner harmony to bring positive changes into your life.

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The Moon in the chart is a card of illusions and doubts. According to this card, it is important for Taurus to pay attention not to what is happening, but to their own premonitions. Much will be hidden and secret, and to find out the truth, it is important to dive into your inner world. This will help you find answers to your questions and open the door to prosperity.

The Sun card promises the representatives of the constellation a wonderful period for the realisation of their plans. According to this arcana, there is no reason to worry: the path is clear, which means that you can safely make your innermost dreams come true and easily reach new heights of success in the right areas of life.


The Court card is often associated with court proceedings or the final resolution of a controversial issue. It indicates the end of a phase and the beginning of a new one, as well as the presence of important decisions to be made in life. It’s important for Gemini to be vigilant to avoid making mistakes.

The Hermit arcana encourages Gemini to search internally for answers to their questions. According to this card, it is important to step away from business for a while in order to make the right decisions and give up in time what can hinder or lead you astray. The arcana indicates a period of calm, solitude and inner growth, as well as insight and the discovery of new truths.


The Luna arcana tells Cancers that not the best changes are happening in their lives. This may be due to the fact that the representatives of the constellation indulge in fears and emotions that prevent them from making the right decisions and do not allow them to get out of a dead end. The card’s advice is to turn to your wisdom to get out of a difficult situation.

“The Devil is a card of illusions and barriers that prevent the implementation of plans. It is important for Cancers to realise that any addictions and negativity cannot be the driving force. The arcana’s advice is to get rid of everything harmful in order to find the path to happiness and overcome temporary difficulties with confidence.

The Magician arcana suggests that it’s time to act. According to this card, Cancerians will be able to make their dreams come true if they are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and stop living according to someone else’s scenario. The time to follow your own path of development is here and now.


The Emperor is a card of stability, success and responsibility. The card encourages Leos to be attentive and objective in order to make the right decisions and not to disgrace their reputation. Positive changes will not be long in coming if you approach your tasks wisely.

The Death card symbolises transformation and the transition to something new. The arcana indicates the possibility of ending something old and starting a new stage in life. It represents the possibility of growth and liberation from what hinders prosperity for the representatives of this constellation.

“The World” in the chart is a card of balance and harmony. The arcana indicates a period of significant change, thanks to which Leos will be able to bring important events into their lives. With this card, you should remember that solving problems does not always require strength – it is much more important to remain responsible and objective.


“Justice in the Virgo chart is a card of good decisions, strategies and advantages. According to this card, it is important to correctly assess your strengths in order to achieve new successes and not lose your reputation. This week, it is important for the representatives of this constellation to be responsible and objective.

The Strength card suggests that Virgos will be able to reach a new level if they make an effort. The arcana encourages you to be mobile and not be afraid to make responsible decisions. Virgos will be satisfied with their rewards if they do not cave in to temporary difficulties on the way to their happiness.


The Peace card symbolises harmony, balance and the completion of a cycle. This Arcanum indicates a phase of completion, when tension and struggle are left behind and a time of harmony comes. It is important for Libras to remember that success comes to those who are able to admit mistakes and learn valuable lessons from them.

The Chariot arcana is associated with forward movement, a successful journey, and the achievement of goals. According to this card, representatives of this constellation will be able to bring about the necessary changes in their lives if they are agile and learn to adapt to the circumstances.

The “Wheel of Fortune” in the chart is a card of sudden changes that can take Libra by surprise. Arcana’s advice is to take no action until the situation is clear. This tactic will protect you from mistakes and excessive work to eliminate deficiencies.


The Magician card is associated with power, the ability to create and influence the world around you. It suggests that Scorpios need to use their creativity and ambition to achieve success in various areas of life and find a personal path to success.

The Fool card encourages the representatives of the constellation to be open to new opportunities, to show courage and willingness to take risks in search of new paths. The Arcana also suggests that risk should be justified, not reckless. Only in this case, Scorpios will have good prospects.


The Hermit card is usually associated with loneliness, self-reflection and inner searching. It symbolises a period of seclusion to take stock of things in a calm environment or find solutions to pressing issues.

The Wheel of Fortune represents change and transformation. This card indicates the cyclical nature of events and life changes around Sagittarius. The card’s advice is not to take action until you are completely sure that your decisions are correct.

The Judgement card symbolises final decisions, balance and justice. This Arcanum indicates the need to make the right decisions and actions in life. It is important for Sagittarius to make objective decisions.


The High Priestess Arcanum symbolises deep secrets and intuition, indicating the need to listen to your inner wisdom. It’s important for Capricorns to remember that rumours, gossip, and speculation won’t help you find answers to important questions. This week, it’s important to listen to yourself and make decisions based on your inner voice.

The Star card symbolises a clear understanding of your purpose. It is not difficult to reach your goal with this card if you believe in yourself and don’t give up. The Arcana also symbolises the Higher Providence and the fulfilment of cherished desires. Those who are based on honesty and impartiality will be lucky.


The Star card suggests that there are no obstacles in front of Aquarius, which means you can safely turn your plans into reality. The Arcanus also symbolises the fulfilment of desires and the Higher Protection from problems and worries.

The Devil card is a symbol of passions. It can indicate temptation, material fetters and negative distortions. The Arcana also symbolises the need to break these shackles and get rid of them. Aquarians should remember that bad habits will not lead to happiness and prosperity.


The Moderation card symbolises balance and tranquillity. It indicates the need to maintain harmony in various aspects of life, moderation and a balanced approach to solving pressing issues.

The Peace arcana suggests a favourable period during which any issues can be resolved with ease. With this card, Pisces will be able to say goodbye to bad habits, exclude toxic people from their environment and easily find their way to happiness.

The Death card symbolises inevitable changes and the end of one cycle, opening the way to new opportunities and beginnings. It can be the end of a relationship, job, or lifestyle, foreshadowing a transformation and transition to a new stage. The card calls for giving up the old and opening up to something new and deeper.

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