Luck is all about being in harmony with the environment when playing online. Even with a successful strategy, gamblers still require a balance in their mental, social, and environmental conditions. Developing an Aura of Confidence can result in huge losses without an adequate strategy. 

However, by maintaining your confidence levels with a boost of Feng shui tips, you may overturn your experiences at the casino. Anything is possible with a positive flow of the Chi in you and your surroundings. Here is more on Feng shui and tips to help you boost your Luck on the casino floor.

What is Feng Shui?

It is the harmony between the Wind, Earth, Fire, Metal, and the Water. Feng shui is a practice where individuals believe that with subtle manipulation, harmony can arise amongst various variables. These environmental forces include energy, the earth, health, personal relations, and much more. The aim is to ensure all aspects of one’s life add value or bring forth more fortune and peace. A positive energy flow for gamblers means better Luck and a huge win at the end of the gaming session.

Does It Work?

Feng shui combines Luck and Strategy for a player, which can be of benefit. Living in harmony does create a balanced environment and life for most individuals. Following this approach, Feng shui can help promote positive thinking or vibes when gambling at an online casino Australia real money with easy withdrawal website.

Gambling Experience with Feng Shui

Since Feng shui is a belief that you can create or get good fortune, there are several ways to go about it. The best is to include the principles of Feng shui in your daily gambling practices. But how do you go about it? Here are some tips to help you out. 

Keep Your Luck Talismans Close 

The flow of a good force or energy is what you need when gambling. This keeps out the negative feelings of potential loss, allowing you to play freely. However, not all casinos will have the talismans to enhance good energy, such as a hill or mountain on the back. They will not have the Dragon figure since dragons and turtles represent powerful Feng shui, as they are the gods of fortune. However, designing simple talismans and carrying them in with you can boost your Luck.

Put on the crystals as a chain around your neck, add the dragon figurine to your wallet, and fortune may follow you. With quality gems and other lucky talismans with great Feng shui, your connection with the natural forces gets a boost. You end up attracting prosperity even when gambling online.

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Go for Cleaner or Clutter-Free Sections of the Casino

Feng shui has many principles, but the most important is that the cleaner the place is, the easier the circulation of good energy within the place. Before gaming, pay attention to the surrounding colours, as the placement may affect your gaming capability. In Feng shui, blue and black represent water, promoting good fortune and monetary blessings. But sections with these other colours can be said to provide great Feng shui.

  • Green, which represents nature, promotes a balance in familial relationships.
  • White, which represents positive energy and cleanliness.
  • Yellow, which is the colour shade of the sun, promotes happiness.

Remember, the cleaner the space, the more the energy flows (Dragon breath). A balance in the colours and understanding the number combination can bring success to you if done right. For instance, the number 8 represents mountains, indicating more knowledge. Number four (4) represents wood, which is flexible, symbolizing oncoming wealth and fortune. Keep track of the numbers and choose those with the best Feng shui. For instance, your zodiac sign or birthdate is a lucky number.

Here are the number representations; 

  • 1 is water
  • 2 and 5 are Earth, where 2 is land that inspires relations while 5 is the core that stabilizes 
  • 3 and 4 are wood: where 3 is sturdy and rigid, while 4 is flexible like water 
  • 6 and 7 are metal, where 6 is hard metal while 7 is the soft metal 
  • 8 is the mountains 
  • 9 is the fire that lights and brightens 

Admit You’re a Winner Always

Besides studying the gambling space and selecting a place with a positive Feng shui, one must also keep the faith. An optimistic mind creates opportunity and builds good karma. Thus, keep your faith that Lady Luck is on your side. Although you get a win and lose in other cases, you will attract positive vibes throughout your gaming experience. With time, you might be lucky enough to draw a big win!

Feng shui is about balance, and good karma comes from a positive outlook and feedback. Thus, keep your eyes focused like a tiger, the King of the Mountains, while looking for other players’ reviews and choosing the casino. Here’s the review instruction to follow to spot the best platform.

At the same time, do not count your winnings before playing, covet other players’ wins, or use tricks, as this counts as negative vibes. These actions may turn your Luck into losses in a short while.


The strategy may come first when gambling, but with positive Feng shui, the two combine to boost your overall potential. As a firm belief amongst individual players, boosting this Chinese traditional practice can help create harmony in a gambling environment. Although there are many ways to boost your Luck through Feng shui, the above options are most suitable. You should try your Luck the next time you go out, following these Feng shui tips.

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