People’s overall well-being depends a lot on mental health, but some individuals don’t pay enough attention to it. It’s often stigmatized, and physical health becomes the priority. But mental health should be treated just as physical health, and people should seek help when they need it. The cycle of shame and secrecy around mental health issues shouldn’t be perpetuated, so continue reading to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

The Importance Of Mental Health

Mental health impacts the way people think, feel, and behave, affecting their relationships, work, and quality of life in general. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues have a significant impact on ability to function in daily lives, and they’re quite common. 

However, many people are being told to “snap out of it”, “pull themselves together”, and other things that underestimate mental health problems. People don’t seek professional help because it seems shameful, and that’s a fundamentally wrong approach. Some people turn to supplements like delta 8 thc edibles to improve their overall condition, but in severe cases, it’s essential to turn to therapy and specialists to treat mental health issues.

Other people turn to Feng Shui to improve their mental health. Feng Shui is all about the environment we live in and how it affects us. A few ways our environment affects us mentally include clutter, color decoration, bedroom setup for better sleep, and including indoor plants. It is also known that fish aquariums, or even small fish bowls, can be extremely soothing to us mentally. 

Breaking Down The Stigma

There are several ways to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, and it’s crucial because it pushes people to get the help they need.

Education: To reduce the fear and misunderstanding that often surround mental health problems, it’s better to educate people about mental health. It can break down the stigma, so it’s necessary to provide accurate information about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of mental health issues.

Language: Words like “crazy” or “insane”, used to describe someone with mental health issues, can further stigmatize them, so it’s important to use proper language around mental health. It’s better to use neutral, non-judgmental language when relating to mental health.

Advocacy: Also, to break down the stigma, advocating for mental health can be used. It involves promoting mental health sources and services and speaking out about the importance of mental health.

Equality: Physical health services are quite affordable, and ensuring that mental health resources and services are just as accessible can help people feel better and more open about mental health.

Why Mental Health Should Be Treated Equally As Physical Health

The simple and easy way to treat mental health equally as physical health is by providing adequate facilities, including chairs for mental health wards, ensures a supportive environment for those in need of care.

It’s essential to treat mental health the same way as physical health, and here are several reasons for that:

Validating mental health issues: When people treat mental health just as physical health, it validates the experience of individuals who struggle with mental health issues. Mental health issues are worth the attention and treatment, and validating mental disorders proves it. 

Help-seeking behavior: Equality between mental and physical health can encourage people to seek help when they need it. And moreover, earlier intervention improves outcomes and prevents mental disorders from escalating.

Reduces stigma: The stigma surrounding mental health issues can be reduced if treating mental health equally as physical health. It promotes understanding, and it encourages people to feel more confident and openly speak about their experiences. 

Mental health affects physical health: It is known in both medicine and the practice of Feng Shui that poor mental health is directly correlated with poor physical health. For instance, one the reasons why Feng Shui bedroom is so important is because it affects our sleep. With poor sleep quality, our cognitive ability will decrease, and so does our immune system and all sorts of health problems. 


It’s important to treat mental health and physical health equally, breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. It can help people feel better about their condition and get help when they actually need it. Having a better approach towards mental health can lead to better outcomes, making people understand the importance of mental health and take care of their well-being.

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