The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui charts energy balance and invites positive energy into your space. It helps you to feel more balanced and energized. As a student, it may be helpful to organize your dorm room according to Feng Shui principles. Altering how the energy flows in and through your space can help you to reduce stress and focus on your studies. 

Clear the clutter

If your dorm room is cluttered, it can affect your ability to stay organized and disciplined in your studies. You need to eliminate the stagnation of accumulated energy to stimulate a new flow of energy. 

Start decluttering by removing old papers, files, books, old clothes, broken objects and whatever else you don’t need or use. This helps positive “chi” to circulate, and you will have a positive feeling when you enter your room. A simple step like this can reduce your stress and promote productivity. Cleaning your study space enhances the Feng Shui metal element, which is responsible for memory, clarity, and concentration. 

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Place your desk in the right position

If you want to get the most benefit out of your study sessions, the placement and direction of your desk are important. Your desk should ideally be made of a solid material like wood or metal to help with grounding and stability. 

  • Your desk should never be in a position where your back faces the door. Having a complete view of the room and knowing who is entering the room puts you in a command position.
  • Your back should be supported by a solid wall and not face any windows. This creates safety and relaxes your nervous system. 
  • The desk should not face a wall because you don’t want to be “up against a wall” when you’re studying! 
  • Typically, your desk should face North, East or North-East because this offers more positive energy. 

Use the right lighting

It is important to have a natural source of lighting in a room you use for studying. Natural light will help you to stay fresh and relaxed. It will increase your alertness which can improve your study outcomes. If you work in a dingy room that doesn’t receive much light, it will be more difficult to focus. Make sure that curtains or blinds are open so natural light can come in. You can also use task lighting on your desk to help you focus while studying. 

Choose colors for concentration

The best Feng Shui colors for studying are whites, grays, and metallics. They all activate the metal element. As mentioned above, this helps with focus and mental clarity. If you use these colors as a base color, you can introduce other calming colors, such as watery or pastel colors, as accents. 

Bring in some plants 

Feng Shui is all about being in harmony with the natural environment. Living green plants represent the wood element. This cultivates hardiness, flexibility, growth and healing. There will be more harmony between the outer environment and your inner environment when you bring indoor plants into your study space. 

There are many indoor plants for feng shui that you can take care of quite easily. Look out for those with soft, rounded leaves to create more ease and flow. A Philodendron has a heart-shaped leaf and is an air-purifying, low-maintenance plant. A rubber plant is another air-purifying plant with broad leaves that helps energy to flow. 

Surround yourself with symbols of scholarship success

To attain good grades and expand your mind, you can hang an image or picture of a mentor or figure that symbolizes your intellectual aspirations. This will help you to absorb some of what the picture stands for. You can also use inspiring artwork and pictures of mountains. Mountains represent strength, recognition, and support, which can all be very helpful on your academic journey. 

If you display any awards or trophies you have received on the wall, it can boost your confidence and give you more hope. Light them up and surround them with red lights can encourage you to achieve more. 

Use a personal crystal

A crystal is believed to be one of the most powerful symbols of knowledge retention. Green Tourmaline is one of the best crystals you can use for concentration because it stimulates mental activity. 

Take your personal crystal and soak it for seven days and nights to cleanse it. Hold it in your left palm while studying, and it can help you to retain knowledge. When you aren’t holding it, you can place it on your desk and pick it up again when you need some inspiration. 

Don’t forget music and scent

When you use Feng Shui principles, you should appeal to all your senses. This will make you feel more balanced. Music is regarded by some as a distraction to studies, but you may find a particular type of music that helps you to relax and focus. 

Scents can also play a part in helping you to focus. Rosemary, sage, peppermint and eucalyptus are some scents that can help to stimulate your brain and improve concentration. Citrus-based scents can have the same effect. 


Anyone can use the above easy-to-understand Feng Shui tips to help decrease stress and improve their focus. Feng Shui creates a balance between different types of energy which brings more harmony into your space. This can help you when you face all the challenges that come with university life. You will experience a greater sense of well-being, better mental and physical health, and more success in the academic sphere.

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