Your yard is intended to be a sanctuary where you can get away from the busy factors of the world like your job, home and family responsibilities, among other things. It’s a way to relax on your property and enjoy the peaceful surroundings nature provides. This means it’s important to ensure your yard is as peaceful an environment as possible. 

Whatever features you have in your yard, you must have balance and peace in your yard. One structure that contributes to this balance and harmony is a timber frame pavilion. What is a timber frame pavilion? How does it play a role in the balance and harmony on your property?  This is where feng shui comes into play. What is feng shui? How can it create balance and harmony in your yard with your existing features and any other features you have? Learn how you can turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat you’ll love with feng shui and the addition of a timber frame pavilion. 

What Is A Timber Frame Pavilion?

A timber frame pavilion is a sheltering structure designed with both functionality and beauty in mind. They’re similar to covered porches or canopies, only they are placed separately from the home and often stand in an area of the yard that offers a pretty view or is otherwise a strong focal point of the yard. 

What makes timber frame pavilions excellent for home use is how versatile they are: these structures provide both shade and shelter while having an open concept (think: gazebo), so they can be used for relaxation, shelter, entertainment, and more. Whether you have an open space in your yard you want to make more alluring by adding a unique lawn feature or you have an existing pavilion and want to upgrade it for better balance and harmony on your property, there are several ways you can benefit from a quality timber frame pavilion installed by a professional. 

What Is Feng Shui?

Now, it’s time to explore what feng shui is and how it can benefit you. Feng shui is the ancient art of using energy forces in nature and in living spaces to encourage harmony and balance. The placement of objects and natural elements in a space can all be attributed to how positive or negative the energy flow, or feng shui, is. If energy is not flowing well then energy can become clogged or agitated, which can lead to negative energy accumulating in a space. This affects the mentality and well-being of individuals in these spaces.

Conversely, the regular flow of energy in a particular space due to well-placed objects and natural elements creates a smooth ambiance and makes a space feel more balanced and harmonious. The goal of room placement is to achieve positive feng shui, as this means positive energy in a living space (both inside and outside the home). Essentially, if you want to increase the positive flow of energy in a space you’re in, whether you’re in your yard or your living room, you should utilize feng shui in decoration and application. 

Creating Balance And Harmony: Benefits Of Timber Frame Pavilions Regarding Feng Shui

Adding a timber frame pavilion to your yard can bring many benefits, especially when you incorporate feng shui into the designing and placement of the structure. Herre are some ways you can use a timber frame pavilion to your benefit in creating feng shui. Don’t forget: a pavilion should be placed in the northwest location of the yard for optimum energy flow, regardless of what other elements you want to incorporate. 

Utilizing The Wooden Elements

Feng shui often incorporates two main elements to increase positive energy often referred to as chi) and maximize the efficiency of the ancient Chinese art : water and wood. The timber elements of a pavilion set the tone for creativity and renewal, especially untreated wood in certain timber species. Speak to your pavilion builder about constructing a timber wood pavilion that can help you achieve positive feng shui. 

Enjoying The Peaceful Water Element

Water in feng shui represents life and is an excellent feature to add to your pavilion anyway to make the space more relaxing. You can install a water fountain in your pavilion for an added touch in backyard luxury, or you can simply add a bird bath, small solar water feature, or some other type of water element. You can install your moving water feature in your pavilion or use it as a focal piece just outside the pavilion’s best view. 

Rejuvenating In Your Garden 

Your garden is a wonderful way to achieve chi in a balanced and harmonized backyard. A garden for feng shui purposes is common in timber frame pavilions and gazebos, and should have a rock border, but nothing that interferes with energy flow, so make sure the natural borders for your garden are made of stone and other earth-bound elements and don’t crowd or otherwise interrupt the energy going through your garden. 

Ideal plants for your pavilion for feng shui purposes include: 

  • Peace lily
  • Sword fern 
  • Rubber plant
  • Jasmine
  • Basil
  • African violet

Of course, bamboo is a welcome plant in any feng shui garden as well! 

Wrapping Up 

Your timber frame pavilion is the ideal focal point for a positive feng shui experience. In recognizing its many benefits, you can enjoy your pavilion even more! 

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