Despite the fact that Feng Shui and its ideology have come to naught in some places, the idea of energy and optimal places and events that determine the harmony and capabilities of a person is eternal, and if you adhere to various principles, you can notice significant changes in your life for the better.

Many perceive negatively this approach and the general definition of energy and energy, distorting their understanding of these things, giving them a bad color – that this is deception and manipulation.

In fact, energy is inherent in every person, as is the energy that moves our planet and is felt literally in everything, if it stops and gives yourself the opportunity to feel this harmony, or chaos – which is also energy.

The approach to securing your personal space can be beneficial in the long run, when you notice that it is in this place that you always feel peace and tranquility and, for example, a charge for creativity.

All you need to do is to believe in what you are doing, invest money and efforts in those subjects to which your soul lies and get sincere pleasure from the process, otherwise you should not do it at all. You will still be able to interact with services like Skycoach to play your favorite MMOs, but the overall background will change with due effort.

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To organize a normal work and play space, you need a lot of light – a room that is saturated with sunlight, which, in turn, does not fall into the open on the monitor and does not affect the brightness of the picture visibility, favorably affects the mood throughout the day.

Influencing factors on energy and mood:

  • Location of items.
  • Window.
  • Furniture.
  • Flowers and environment.
  • Light.

Location of items

It all starts with the organization of personal space, which depends on the placement of objects and furniture throughout the room.

Heaps and uncomfortable arrangement of the table and other items negatively affect the quality of work and games in general.

If you live or work not by yourself, then you need to place the table so that no one can approach you directly from the back. With lateral, peripheral vision, you will always see or feel the approach and will not be taken by surprise. This will save you nerve cells and will not add unnecessary fears.

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You need good windows that will let in a lot of light and create a special working and playing atmosphere.

Windows should be fixed with curtains or blinds so that you can reduce the effect of the sun, which can greatly interfere with games with a dark network like Diablo 4. There are many gloomy caves waiting for you and the bright sun can prevent you from seeing a spontaneous enemy, which will lead to optional death and emotions.

The ideal option is to install blinds of a new format that fully let in sunlight, but block direct rays, which cause discomfort when they fall on the surface and reflect on the eyes and screen, making it difficult to navigate in dark areas.


As for furniture, it is important not only to choose comfortable attributes that will allow you to maintain health during long gaming and work sessions, but also to follow the Feng Shui concept for the proper organization of the workspace.

You should remember that quality and details are formed by small things.

It doesn’t really matter what style and shade you choose for your furniture as it is purely your taste, but what you can do well is to surround yourself with nice accessories, pieces of nature in the room and other little things that will add physical and energetic comfort.

Of the little things, it is worth noting comfortable and useful items, ranging from pillows that will relieve stress from the neck and lower back to figures of your favorite heroes of Dota 2 and other games, accessories for storing headphones, backlit lamps, beautiful pots for various flowers and other pleasant little things.

Flowers and environment

Do not underestimate the flowers in the organization of space for work and play and energy content.

Each plant has its own characteristics and requirements for growth, but most importantly they give harmony to the working effect.

People with increased responsibility can also start complex plants that require constant care and watering.

Even those who do not like to take care of the environment should have a flower, at least a cactus – they require minimal care, practically do without water and create a wonderful atmosphere and energy in the workspace.


Lighting, its quality, softness and variability greatly simplify the process of work and play and should be correctly placed – this will preserve vision, add more opportunities for working at night and in the dark, and allow you to create an atmospheric work and play space.

You should have three light sources:

The main one – which will illuminate the entire room, preferably with a bright and slightly subdued, but not completely dim light mode.

On the desktop – a lamp that will illuminate the keyboard and work and game monitor. It should be bright enough so that you do not squint to view text and have a soft light so as not to strain your eyes during prolonged work.

It is desirable that the lamp has several modes for different usage scenarios. If possible, it is better not to put the lamp on the table, but to fix it with a bracket in order to be able to modify its location in any convenient direction and at an angle.

For additional comfort and an interesting atmosphere, you can install additional lamps that do not have standard colors – like cold and warm, but full-fledged shades that allow you to choose literally any color and shade and set yourself the mood for work or leisure.


To summarize all of the above, you should be attentive to yourself, your health and the environment in order to constantly feel external and internal harmony.

Feng Shui style techniques and recommendations will help you constantly maintain healthy energy in yourself, which will favorably affect creativity for active work and recreation in your favorite games, regardless of their genre.

The most important thing is not to be lazy to spend time and effort on organizing an ideal workspace – flowers and the right furniture, good equipment and light will make your leisure and workdays ideal.

When a person works for pleasure, then in fact he does not work, but does what he loves, which has a positive effect on the psyche, physical health and just a general indicator of happiness.

\You can even get a cat or a dog – pets are also good at maintaining comfort and energy in the house, but you need to remember that they also need care and free time that you are ready to spend on them.

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