Modern education carries a heavy load for each pupil and student, regardless of their age.  The format of the knowledge transfer from the teacher is not relevant. It can be a study group or an individual class. The necessary thing is to prepare the workplace for successful learning. It directly affects the comfort of doing classroom and homework, so you need to take a responsible approach to the issue. Even if you’re going to order college essay writing service, you still need to do it in appropriate and stimulating atmosphere. If you do not have experience, use the basic principles of feng shui.

Brighten Up The Area

The workplace should be well-lit regardless of the field. This will help you focus on finding essay examples, learning new rules, or solving a difficult math problem. A natural source of light must be present to keep you working and attentive. Thanks to the energy of the sun, work on writing essays on video games or compiling chemical formulas will be done many times faster. In the dark times of the day, it is necessary to provide good artificial lighting. But you must stick to clear boundaries to avoid overdoing it.

Help Them Concentrate/Avoid Them From Being Distracted By Gaming

To keep college students focused on their work, you should remove extraneous devices from your workplace. For example, limit access to a smartphone if it is used for gaming and social networking. Also, there should be no TV or game console in the workplace. Each device should be used strictly for its intended purpose, whether searching for information to write an essay or online communication with a teacher to clarify certain issues.

Clear Out Your Study Space

A professional study advisor always pays attention to the degree of littering in a student’s workplace. It is necessary to keep it as clean as possible. To accomplish this, you should remove unnecessary items in a timely manner. Otherwise, the workplace will not be filled with positive energy, which increases the success of learning.

To avoid creating negative flows, it is necessary to determine places for storing school accessories and office supplies. These can be drawers, shelves, and other elements of furniture. Those items that are not needed (e.g., an unfortunate drawing on a worksheet) should be eliminated.

Invest In A Wooden Desk

Wooden furniture carries positive energy. It not only allows you to concentrate on the desired task but also to succeed in all endeavors. Use wooden furniture during the organization of the workplace so that the learning process runs efficiently and without problems. The university uses simple desks without fancy shapes and decorative elements. This helps to concentrate as much as possible on the perception of the educational material. If the space is arranged with furniture of an unusual design, it will take away the energy needed for quality education.

Bring In Some Life With Plants

Houseplants are natural air purifiers. They bring harmony and comfort and create an atmosphere of positivity. It is believed that the green color of the leaves:

  • calms the nervous system;
  • allows you to relax after hard work;
  • helps the eyes to relax after prolonged work on the computer or reading a book.

It is recommended to place plants not only in houses but also in a high school or university. This will bring a little brightness into the space so that students will switch to rest after doing the task. The main thing is to maintain harmony. If there are too many plants, the student’s attention will be diverted to them.


Feng shui is a unique Taoist practice that teaches how to live in harmony with the world around you. Its application is possible in any segment, including education. Using proven recommendations, you will create a comfortable atmosphere and focus the energy of students in the right direction. This will increase the success of pupils and students, which is important for mastering new material. The advantage is that you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to comply with the basic Taoist principles. It is enough to think about lighting, take care of the workplace’s cleanliness, and a number of other measures.

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