We renovate our homes for many reasons. Either we want to increase the comfort of our living space, solve some safety issues and improve the function of the house, update the style of it or increase its efficiency, or simply enhance its value if we ever decide to sell. 

Whatever the reasons may be, renovating our properties offers an opportunity to create a healthy and happy home for everyone. Following Feng Shui guidelines will help us create a harmonious environment for all those who live in the house. 

The goal is to create good energy flow in all parts of the home and avoid imbalances that will block the flow of energy. Keep in mind the instructions for prosperous home improvement.

Before you start renovating, you should consult a Feng Shui master, and then make an appointment with both the Feng Shui master and interior designer, in order to get the whole image of the work that needs to be done.

Energy-saving home insulation

First off, make sure that your home is not drafty and hard to keep warm or cool. According to Feng Shui, no energy should be wasted so, when renovating your home, it is very important to improve its energy efficiency first.

The goal is to make your home as comfortable as possible, without wasting any unnecessary resources. Therefore, make sure it’s well sealed against all kinds of air leaks and heat transfer.  Poorly insulated house means great loss of energy. 

Ensure that your wall, ceiling and floor insulations function properly and are in mint condition. If not, learn more about different house insulation types so that you can choose the ones best suited for your specific needs. 

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Safe and sound front door

According to Feng Shui, our front doors serve as a shield from the outside world. They protect our homes from bad energy and thus they need to be made of strong and sturdy materials. 

Wood and fiberglass should provide good protection to your home’s positive energy. It is best to use a formal front door that is easy to find, with an inviting welcome mat and keep them clean and tidy. No clutter or obstacles are allowed in the entrance area. 

Furthermore, no staircases or walls should be blocking your front door because they’d be blocking energy. If, however, the front door is directly aligned with another exterior door or window, place a faceted crystal ball that eliminates bad energies somewhere close. 

You can even put a piece of furniture in the middle. The best place for the staircase is in remote areas of the house, where there is less traffic. If the staircase is away from the main entrance, different forms of energies won’t be able to directly enter the house and make imbalance.

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The kitchen according to Feng Shui

As Feng Shui principles state, the kitchen is the heart of a happy and healthy home, so the best position for the kitchen is in the middle of the house. 

Since the kitchen is believed to produce the most of home’s good energy, if it is positioned in the middle of the house, it will distribute good energy – chi – throughout the whole home.

Additionally, the kitchen is the place where two elements – fire and water – are commonly found almost side by side. That’s why it’s advisable to use the color green to balance out and neutralize these elements. 

Feng Shui and bedrooms

Finally, Feng Shui principles state that every member of the family should be given an even amount of space for their bedroom. This will ensure that every member feels equally loved and cared for which will also help prevent indignation and bitterness.

Every member of the family should be allowed to decorate their own room, which will awaken creativity and make people feel better spending time in their personalized environments. 

The bed should be placed head against the wall with an open view to the door. Avoid having electronic devices on bedside tables because they interfere with the flow of positive energy, and no mirrors should be placed opposite to the bed or door, as they reflect the energy back instead of letting it in. 

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