Feng Shui practices focus on how you arrange decorative accents and furniture to create a balanced environment with the natural world. Following their practices helps good energy flow into your business and push away the negative energy. 

Running a laundry shop business is not only providing home cleaning Brooklyn and other services. You must go by rules and philosophy to receive more luck and success. If you plan to have Feng Shui in your laundry shop business, we have provided some simple ways to align with its principles.

Paint your shop with the right color.

The color of your shop should not only be because of your brand color. You must ensure that you choose the right one as it helps with your Feng Shui. The colors green, tan, brown, purple, and light blue is associated with an abundance of wealth. 

The color blue attracts water which means it attracts wealth and prosperity. Meanwhile, the tan and brown represent a wood element nurtured by water. Thus, these two tones have to go together.

Purple attracts prosperity and maintains balance. But, if you want a simpler wall color, go for white. It represents completion and productivity. It makes your customers feel motivated when doing their laundry at your store.

Add more light.

Light restores balance to the chi and yin energy in the room. It is better not to rely on your large windows and natural light. Add energy-efficient overhead lights to ensure you bring more light to your laundry shop. But, you should avoid low-hanging ceiling fixtures because instead of helping them thrive, that installation placement hinders Feng Shui.

A bright laundry shop also gives more convenience to the customers as they can easily see what they are doing. 

Maintain the area clean and organized.

Sometimes laundry shops become a catch-all place for random items. Some customers leave their socks, wallets, and other personal items behind. Your laundry shop becomes disorganized and cluttered at times. Your laundry shop should not feel cramped. It has to be comfortable for your customers who visit and stay. They need more space to place their clothes inside and walk around. Thus, maintain a clean and organized shop. 

Decorate with mirrors.

You need mirrors if you have a small space for your laundry service business. Mirrors increase the positivity of any room, especially when it is fronting a window. Some even add flat, concave, or Bagua mirrors. Any of these mirrors bring good energy and balance the chi.

We also have these tips:

  • Place your cash register diagonally from the store’s entrance. It is believed to be a great Feng Shui spot.
  • Place live plants or flowers in your business place. If a live plant is impossible, have a plastic plant but keep it dust-free.

You can only attract a strong energy flow if your business is clean, well-lit, and noticeable. This is not only for its interior but its exterior appearance as well. What are you waiting for? Reap the benefits of the Feng Shui practices.