Modern students at college may think using ancient Feng Shui principles to enhance and support their studies is irrelevant. Feng Shui is connected to great well-being in the Chinese culture. How you place yourself and objects in your environment has a direct connection to the chi or energy you create. 

The information Feng Shui provides can help you to create harmony and good energy in your study space. If you are stressed or feel a lack of balance in your life, Feng Shui principles could help you. 

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Study area

Studying in a bedroom is not the ideal location. A bedroom should be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Set up a study area in the northeast corner of another room. This is the corner of knowledge, wisdom, education and spirituality. 

Keep the area clean of all clutter. Books, papers etc., should have specific storage areas. A clean, clutter-free study area will help you think more clearly. You should always have a natural source of light in your study area to bring in positive energy. 

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Desk placement

Placing a desk up against a wall is contrary to Feng Shui principles. Your desk should always have a wall behind it and a clear view of the door. You should never sit with your back to a door or window, and your desk should have a clear view of the door. Don’t sit facing open bookshelves either. If you’re not in a command position, you are vulnerable and can be blindsided by problems. It should also be solid and substantial to protect you from negative energy. 

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Wall décor 

A mirror equals water, so watch where it is placed. A mirror or water feature in art or pictures with a water line higher than your nose may make you feel you’re drowning. If you feel disorganized and like you’re overcome by your responsibilities, place any mirrors or water images how they are found in nature – lower than your nose level. Hanging images of people with great intellect can help you absorb what the pictures stand for. 


White is associated with the metal element. It is related to productivity and the ability to complete projects. If you have trouble with procrastination, white is a good color for your study area. A light, cool gray brings a similar energy to white. 

A warm gray with brown undertones is more earthy and creates calm, steady energy. Gray is a color connected to helpful people. It may attract people who want to help you with your studies. If you tend to feel anxious and worried while working, brown is connected to the earth element, which can make you feel more grounded and at ease. 

If you lack clarity about your purpose in life, try adding a little black to your study area. Touches of yellow evoke the energy of the sun and add more ease and harmony to the space. A clean, grassy green adds vitality. If the energy in your study space feels “off” and you need to shift your luck, try adding a little red.

Portable Feng Shui tips

There are many Feng Shui symbols that capture the essence of good energy. You can take them with you to college to help create a more favorable environment. For example, you could wear a crystal point pendant or set up a crystal globe on the northeast corner of your desk. A potent symbol of achievement is the Dragon Gate with a pair of carp jumping over it, and having this on a desk can promote scholastic success. 


Applying Feng Shui to get better grades can be a learning process. By its very being, it is about balance, and you should approach applying it with balance too. It is all about changing the way you perceive your environment. This changes how you think and behave in it. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you can feel calm, peaceful, supported and more in control of your life. This can definitely improve your performance at college and help you to get better grades.