Are you a student who wants to improve their academic performance? Have you tried a lot of things but your productivity does not seem to improve? You could use some Feng Shui secrets for students that can help you boost your academic performance.

Many people know that Feng Shui brings a lot of advantages to people’s health and career. But it could work just as well for students who want to improve their performance and perform better academically. Are you willing to know what to change in your environment to boost your progress? Here are some secrets.

Get a Wooden Desk

The desk is essential for a student as it is the main place where he studies, learns and writes his assignments. College life is hectic and you probably have lots of essays to write and group projects to work on. In Feng Shui, 5 elements are central and essential. These are wood, metal, fire, earth, and water. Each of them symbolizes something and it can help students boost their academic performance. Getting a wooden desk is a Feng Shui secret you have to apply, as wood symbolizes power.

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Sometimes, you may have lots of essays to write and you may feel overwhelmed by your academic tasks. Stress comes with pressure and it might not make you think clearly. In these cases, you can get the help of a professional team consisting of authors at They can help you with any possible subject and will deliver the papers fast and smooth. And you can be sure that they follow their policy of zero plagiarism, so your academic performance will be boosted. Experienced writers can help you with your academic tasks and your wooden desk can give you the power you need to overcome these obstacles.

It is essential to not place your desk in front of a wall, as this might prevent you from achieving full clearance and productivity. You will be against a wall and you need open space in front of your eyes, a space that will inspire you. At the same time, make sure you choose the right color for your desk. If the actual one is dark, you can paint it in brighter ones. For example, black is considered a color that sucks out your energy, while white or green are colors that supply you with energy.

A Tidy and Clean Space

One core principle of Feng Shui is to not have a crowded place, especially the room where you study and learn. The more things you have in your room you do not use, the more pressure you will feel. Feng Shui is about tidiness and cleanliness, so you need a place that meets these requirements to achieve academic performance and maximum productivity.

So, make sure you remove any unused books, magazines, and objects. If there is anything you do not need in this learning session, then put them away. You can even add a plant to your desk to supply you with energy and motivation. The fewer things you have in your learning space, the easier it will be to focus and enter a flow state. A tidy and clean space makes wonders, so you should apply this Feng Shui secret if you are a student who needs help with academic performance.

Add Plants

Adding plants to your learning space is one piece of advice, but you should not limit it solely to your desk. You can add plants to your room to boost productivity and energy levels. On top of this, plants help you improve your focus and reduce fatigue.

Some periods in your college life will be tiring, but having plants in your room will improve your mood and confidence. Plants emit strong energy, an energy that students need to achieve academic success. Some Feng Shui plants known to give you positive energy are jade plants, bamboos, or money plants.

Final Thoughts

Feng Shui secrets can help students achieve academic performance. For this, you need energy, you need motivation, and perseverance. Your room should be clean and tidy. Get rid of things, books, and magazines you no longer need and use. Add plants to your desk and room to create a natural and balanced space that boosts your productivity. Get a wooden desk that symbolizes power and can give you the strength to overcome academic obstacles.