No matter how much you are into Feng Shui or not, you should know that having a clear and decluttered space helps you progress and develop. Students are often experiencing negative emotions during busy college times. If you are a student yourself, you know it too well. You have to study for exams, complete your homework and assignments, and read and research for your papers. You also want some time to unwind and take a break.

Sometimes, it is exactly these times when you need to feel comfortable in your own space. As it has immense power over how you feel mentally, organizing it so that it is in your favor is essential. You can create the perfect student workspace that boosts your productivity but also helps you relax. Here are some Feng Shui tips and innovative DIY dorm room decor ideas you can apply to create the perfect student workspace for homework and study.

Where to Place the Desk?

Most students rent a dorm room while they are in college. So, that room is both a bedroom and a study space. While this is not recommended in Feng Shui, it does not mean that you cannot arrange the furniture so that you create a productive workspace and a relaxing space too. As you will study a lot, research for your papers, and write essays, you surely have a desk. But how you place it in your room has a positive or negative effect on your productivity and progress.

Choose to design your workspace in the NE corner of your room, as this is one of the feng shui rules when it comes to work and study areas. Do not place your desk in front of a wall, as you will be literally facing it. The wall, if located behind you, gives you support instead of being an obstacle. If you do not already have a desk and you plan on buying one, choose a desk made of natural elements.

This helps you connect with nature and boost your productivity and efficiency. Which are crucial when you do your homework and write essays. A lot of students feel overwhelmed by the academic tasks they have to complete, so they decide to buy homework online. AssignmentBro is an assignment writing service that can help you pursue your academic goals by offering writing help on any subject. Sometimes, college times are draining, and getting writing help is the right decision so that you won’t fall behind in classes.

Add Plants

One of the core rules of feng shui is to have plants in your dorm room. It will make it more welcoming, more relaxing, and a place that enriches you with good energy. Plants are known to reduce anxiety and alleviate stress symptoms, and many business places add greenery to their offices. The green color is associated with nature, so you can recreate that serene and warm feeling nature gives you in your room.

However, it is crucial to choose your plants appropriately. In feng shui, some plants supply you with good energy, while others rather drain you of it. Plants added in the knowledge area support you to expand your knowledge and self-cultivation. You can choose from Areca plants, ferns, jades, bamboo, or pothos. All are easy to care for plants you can add to your workspace to make it more productive.

Importance of Light

Light is essential when it comes to studying. Even though you might not be consciously aware of it, the amount of light in your room could influence your mood and productivity. So, if your room is darker, consider choosing some additional lighting sources. You can have some study lamps, but also others with dim and warm light to create a cozy environment.


Creating the perfect student workspace for homework and study is what all students want. You could follow some basic feng shui tips that will help you create an open and without obstacles study space.

Having a decluttered space to study in, but also relax and unwinding will help you think clearly and focus easily. Choose a comfortable desk and make sure you do not place it against a wall. Add plants that help you connect with nature and add additional lighting sources if you need them. You can create an environment that supplies you with the energy and motivation you need.

Bio lines: Sylvester Greer is a content writer and blogger. He has traveled to Asia and discovered feng shui. Now, he has arranged all his house after feng shui principles and his productivity and mental health improved considerably.

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