Using good feng shui principles and practices can help make homework and study time more productive and efficient for any child. Feng shui consultants and experts like Lillian Too have written books about using these principles to enhance the desk area and foster academic achievement.

Here are some simple feng shui tips regarding where to position the desk, how to organize supplies, and what to put on the desk to encourage better study habits and attract academic success. Working as an essay writer with students, I know how it is difficult to study nowadays because of different distractions. Although there are several schools of feng shui practice, these are generally agreed upon principles. Follow these tips to make studying less of a chore and help your child improve study skills, retain more knowledge and attract greater academic success.

Placement of the Desk Enhances Study Habits and Academic Success

The best feng shui location for the desk is in the northeast section which, according to feng shui principles, is the Knowledge or Education sector. If the child’s room is another part of the house, don’t worry. The northeast sector of any room is also connected to knowledge, education, and learning.

  • Position the desk to allow the child a clear view of the door, so nothing can sneak up on him or her. If that’s not possible, place a mirror to give the child that view.
  • To make the desk position even more secure, make sure there is a solid wall behind it to provide additional support in all pursuits. Hanging a picture of a mountain or another solid structure behind the desk increases the feeling of safety, making the child feel more confident and self-assured.
  • Do not put the desk directly in front of a window as that position is considered less secure, making the child feel vulnerable. On a practical basis, sunlight coming in through a window can bounce off a computer screen, making it harder to read, and the glare can contribute to headaches.

Eliminate Clutter around and on the Desk to Encourage Flow of Knowledge Chi

Clutter on the floor and desk invites clutter into the mind, making it harder for a child to study and retain knowledge. It also makes it hard for the chi (energy) to flow constantly, making the area and anyone sitting in it prone to tiredness. A constant flow of chi, on the other hand, stimulates creativity and influences positive thoughts and attitudes.

To make the area more inviting and to encourage better study habits, follow these feng shui rules to eliminate clutter for the smooth flow of chi:

  • Keep the area in front of the desk clear so the child can easily reach the desk without having to walk over or around piles of books, clothes, or other items of clutter.
  • Make sure the desk has enough drawers to hold items that are not needed at all times which reduces the amount of clutter on the desktop.
  • Use desk organizers to keep the desk tidy and make it easy for the child to find the tools needed to complete any homework assignments or projects quickly and easily, and with less frustration.
  • Provide nearby bookshelves to hold any reference books or other materials the child needs to finish work, decreasing the amount of time spent looking for resources.

Use Feng Shui Principles to Identify Objects that Promote Learning and Good Study Skills

According to Lillian Too and other feng shui consultants, the choice and placement of certain objects on the desk can attract chi to enhance learning, while other objects can repel it. Choose a few feng shui items rather than too many to avoid clutter.

  • A round red lamp feeds the earth element associated with knowledge and learning. Sharp, angular high-tech lamps cut into that energy.
  • Current study books, materials, and instruments help keep a child’s focus on the present areas of study, while older books and files can scatter that energy and focus.
  • Materials and instruments that are clean and in good working order attract positive energy. Worn-out pens and pencils, torn or dirty papers and workbooks, and chipped or damaged rulers and other tools detract from that energy.

Use these basic feng shui principles to enhance the knowledge area, decrease frustration and increase confidence in your child, and greater academic achievement will follow. These same skills can be used later in business pursuits.

For more information, check out feng shui books, magazines, and newsletters. Or consider taking a feng shui course.