You have probably heard about Feng Shui and that many homeowners are implementing it in their homes. Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ and its philosophy is based around the elements of fire, wood, water, earth, and metal. These elements can be represented through shapes, colors, and materials in your home and all with the goal of creating harmony and serenity in a home. So, if you want to achieve this in your home’s interior, here are some tips on how to do it. 

Clear Away all the Clutter

According to Feng Shui, too much clutter can negatively impact the flow of energy inside the house. If it happens that you feel unmotivated, tired, and claustrophobic in your home, it may be that the chi of your home is too slow. This means that you should consider minimizing the clutter, especially around doors and halls. To get started, remove any obstacles that stand in your own way of moving through the home and simply clean out all the surfaces in your home from clutter. Also, consider letting go of unnecessary items that are taking up all that valuable space. 

Create Balance with Colors

Every home loves color and you can utilize the power of colors to create harmony in your home. Feng Shui is all about balance, which means you can play with contrasting colors to achieve it. Also, if you want to enhance the sense of serenity in your home, you should use muted hues, and hues inspired by nature. Such hues will promote calmness. On the other hand, if you want to add more energy to a home, you should focus on using brighter and more vibrant colors. Plus, you can use them in unison to strike that perfect balance. The best way to use colors is through wall art. You can easily make a custom poster that will feature Feng Shui colors and their balance. Then, simply hang that poster and enjoy the transformation. The same can be achieved with accessories and your furniture. 

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Make Sure Traffic Flow is Open

Another rule of Feng Shui is opening up the traffic flow. This specifically means considering the furniture arrangements. You can find various Feng Shui layouts that will help open up pathways inside any room. If the traffic flow is rather blocked, the chi of the home can be blocked, too, and you won’t feel at ease. Also, focus on rounded corners for your furniture, rather than sharp edges, as round shapes can calm down the atmosphere and energy inside the house. And don’t forget to make the paths throughout the entire house smooth and clean. 

Add Feng Shui Plants

Feng Shui supports adding as many plants as you want in your home’s decor. Plants are our connection to nature and they lend us their freshness and energy. What’s more, plants can majorly affect our wellbeing and promote healing. When choosing the right plants for your home, consider the amount of lighting you have in the rooms and your own ability to take good care of them. If you are a beginner, you can choose from an abundance of beautiful succulents that are low maintenance and that will brighten up any space. However, remember to avoid plants with spiky and pointy leaves. Once again, rounded edges are much softer and will promote serenity. 

Feng Shui is the perfect tool to achieve harmony inside your home. And when you achieve harmony, you are promoting your own wellbeing. Pay attention to edges, colors and layouts, and in no time you will achieve prosperity and happiness in your home.

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