Is the workplace environment depressing and depressing? Stagnating at work? Try using feng shui principles to fix it. In this article, the author from write my paper service will teach you what and how you should put on your desk for good luck and success.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that teaches you to place physical objects to accumulate positive energy around yourself. This teaching is based on the assumption that the things around a person affect their inner state.

People often resort to feng shui when they do not feel comfortable and accessible in the environment where they spend a lot of time. For example, uncomfortable chairs, poor lighting, or a lack of space in the workplace. All of this interferes with productive work. This is a situation where feng shui can help.

How To Organize Your Work According To Feng Shui Principles

The Bagua map is one of the essential tools of any feng shui practice. It is a nine-part grid depicting different areas of space (home, office, desk) and shows how they align with other areas of life.

To direct positive energy flow to your workplace, follow the instructions below.

Desk Orientation

Place your desk directly opposite the door to your office. If you don’t have a private office, position your desk facing the entrance. If you don’t have a private office, position your desk facing the entrance, preferably choosing the best adjustable height desk for maximum comfort and versatility.

If your boss disapproves of the rearrangement, you can go the other way and put a small mirror on your desk so that it reflects the entrance to the office.

This arrangement will allow you to take advantage of incoming opportunities, such as career advancement.

How To Arrange Things On Your Desk

How to arrange things on your desk to attract success: the perfect desk view

Mentally divide your desk into nine equal parts. Choose a few of the most critical areas you want to improve and follow the tips below.

Each section in the grid is associated with a specific color (see the Bagua map). We’re going to talk about the arrangement of things on the table, and if you can find items that match the colors of the chosen area, you’d better use them.

Remember: it is essential to do just what is necessary. Many things clutter up the workspace and interfere with the creative process. Make sure that 50% of the desktop surface is always free.

  • Wealth & Prosperity

The far left corner of your desk represents prosperity. Arrange this space to attract money and wealth. This corner is a good place for a plant or an object of great value, a crystal vase, for example. It is also a good place for a computer.

  • Fame & Reputation

Want to be the center of attention more often? On the Bagua map, the section responsible for fame is in the center, closer to the far edge. Try to place your business cards, advertising brochures, or just a plate with your name and title there. By the way, this is also a great place for things that motivate you (diplomas, awards, etc.).

  • Love & Relationships

Love and relationships represent the far right corner of the desk. If you still need to make a date, place a freshly cut flower there. This is believed to endow you with good luck on the love front. If you already have a soulmate, put a picture of you together in that corner.

  • Family

A family photo on the table may be a familiar feng shui principle to many. Only a few people know that it is recommended to place this photo in the middle of the left side of the table. A wooden frame around the picture promotes the movement of energy in this area.

  • Health

The middle of the desk is responsible for health. Try to keep this part of your workplace clean and orderly.

  • Creativity & Creativity

Want to get your creative juices flowing? Mark up something that inspires you in the middle of the right-hand side of the desk. If you want to be a writer, place a book. If you want to be an artist, put a photo of a masterpiece. Anything can be here. Just be creative.

  • Knowledge & Wisdom

Do you need help remembering new information? Want to be wise beyond your years? Make a habit of organizing your front left corner. Put a reference book or some kind of brilliant book there. Maybe even a picture of Albert Einstein.

  • Career

Right in front of you (front and center) is the career space. Don’t create a mess here. Better place motivational quotes, slogans, or affirmations.

  • Helpful People & Travel

If you need help from others, look to the front right corner of your desk. This is the best place to put your phone and address book with numbers (I wonder if they still use that?). This sector is also responsible for travel. For this reason, a travel guide or a photo of a dream resort belongs here.


Feng Shui is not magic that will solve all your problems. Instead, it is a visual reminder of what areas of your life you are working on. The Chinese say feng shui is a way of thinking or creating balance in life, but not magic.

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