The world is filled with stressors left and right that sometimes, you may feel there isn’t any positive left to think. As you go about your day, you send energy out to the world and the people you come across. And in turn, you receive the energy back. A person’s mind, body, and spirit are made up of energy, vibrating in and out, felt by others and yourself.  

The law of attraction states, ‘whatever you focus your energy on comes back to you.’ so if you consistently make an effort to bring positivity into your life, it’s exactly what you’ll get. Whatever comes your way, there are means to channel positive energy from the inside out, starting with a shift in your mindset. 

Thus, here’s a good read that lays it all out for you:  

Use Crystals And Gemstones 

Crystals and gemstones have the power of chakras, from attracting positive energy to driving negative forces away, bringing in luck, a good day, and so many more.   

Crystals can be used in many ways, mostly worn, kept inside your daily bag, or displayed as home décor. The choice is really up to you. What matters most is buying from well-known and unquestionable suppliers, so you’re getting the real thing.  

Start Your Day With Meditation 

While meditation is mostly associated with prayer, faith, or religion, it doesn’t always have to be so. It means practicing quiet time, even if only for a few minutes. If you start your day in a rush, chances are you’re stressed early on, and all those negative feelings get carried through the day. Giving yourself a few minutes of peace and serenity may be necessary to set your day off in the right direction.  

Begin by waking up at least half an hour earlier than your usual time. If you have children, set your alarm earlier than theirs. It gives you that much-needed alone time before the morning starts to get busy.  

Follow The Golden Rule 

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is a golden rule you should aim to apply every day. If you want to be treated right by everyone you come across, give them the same level of kindness, respect, love, and compassion. That way, you can create a circle of acquaintances where positivity and good karma await. There is no room for any negative energy and attitude problems.  

Say you meet someone who gets on your nerves all the time. Refrain from giving them an unnecessary tantrum. Sure, there’s a way to resolve whatever conflict you may have peacefully and amicably.  

Most importantly, stop yourself from being worked up over the smallest things. Pick your battle. If it’s not worth throwing negative shade on, let it pass. Your peace of mind will thank you.  

Change Your Life’s Blueprint 

Sometimes, the negativity individuals experience could be unnecessary. It’s often brought about by having the wrong life blueprint. Live your life as you envisioned it, even if it doesn’t necessarily conform to what your family is dictating you to do or the expectations of society. As long as you know you’re not a lawless person, nor are you trampling on other people’s rights, it’s okay to change your blueprint and focus on what you like to do.  

Creating this change also shifts your life’s energy from negative to positive. Now, you can finally live your life in a personally fulfilling way.  

Enjoy The Nature More 

Did you know that being cooped indoors might hurt your physical and mental health? Nature has healing powers, especially for your mind. The peaceful and serene environment, the beautiful sun, the breeze, and the sound of animals or rippling water can help set your mind in a more positive direction.  

Use this time out in nature as a period of reflection. Say, you’ve been so stressed out the whole week. Step out on a Saturday for a few hours out in nature, whether on your own or with the family. If you make this a habit, you may notice how it helps you set things back into perspective, converting negative thoughts into more positive ones.  

The Bottomline 

Stressors will always be around, but you can break that negative energy cycle by learning to magnet positive energy into your life. The insights above serve only as a guide; this should also be a gradual, individualized process. Do what works for you and what you think helps you best, but don’t expect overnight results. Eventually, attracting positive energy becomes your norm, so you see the cup as half full, never empty every day. It’s a change worth emulating starting today. 

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