Dear Kartar Diamond: How do I feel inspired about life again, disciplined to follow guidelines and stop procrastinating. Energy is low and dull. Please do you have some advice?


You have asked how to get inspired, to stop procrastinating, and have more energy.  There are many ways to approach this, including nutritionally, with exercise, meditation, and even some counseling or personal coaching.

From a Feng Shui perspective, we do see how the home (or work) environment could, at times, undermine a person in the very ways you have described.  For example, in classical Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School of Feng Shui), there is an energy referred to as the “2” star, which can cause sadness or depression, which can also be an underlying cause for low energy and procrastination.  As well, the “5” star energy can cause obstacles and delays.  Often we think of that as a force coming from the outside to sabotage us, but it can be generated from within as well.

Within the realm of Yin-Yang Theory, we see environments that are too dark, cluttered, quiet, cold and damp which may also lead to low energy or depression.

There is, however, no generic cure for the problems you are having.  I can’t say that you should hang a mirror somewhere and, voila, the problems will be gone.  Rather, you are entitled to receive a personalized evaluation of your living space, to see if and where there need to be adjustments in the space, and/or how you use the space.

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