The ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui is a way to bring good energy and balance into your home by organizing and introducing objects into the house that increase good energy and decrease bad energy. It is thought that by the act of harnessing and directing the energy that flows through our lives every day, and directing it to positive purposes, we can increase abundance, happiness, and joy in our lives.

While many people practice feng shui at home, it has started to be used to create harmony and abundance in businesses as well. By properly organizing the brewery with the practices of feng shui, you can get some of these results yourself. Plus, you will also feel good every time you walk inside!

Focus On The Energy and The Elements

Yin and Yang energies are common in both the practice of feng shui as well as the mythology of China and other Asian cultures. Yin and Yang basically mean opposite and complementary energies. Feminine and masculine, dark and light, and warm and cold are just some examples.

Additionally, the five elements: earth, water, wood, fire, and metal also have meanings in the world of feng shui and have different colors and materials associated with them. In the case of a brewery, wood is a symbol of both growth and wealth, so you can fill the brewery with plants and wooden furniture and items.

It is a good idea to research the different types of energy and the meaning of the five elements in order to bring your brewery real success.

Enjoy The Feeling Of Abundance

You want what every single brewery in the world wants, you want to make good beers, enjoy yourself while doing it, and have more customers and more money than you know what to do with. However, that feeling can be hard to get whenever you are just starting out or are in some hard times.

But with feng shui, you can use these techniques to get a real feeling of abundance. For starters, surround yourself with abundance if you can. Make sure you have more than enough supplies, spare parts, and fresh ingredients to use when making your drinks of choice. You might think that it is a little greedy and it would be better to buy only what you need, but you need to surround yourself with abundance and practice getting used to the feeling of having more than enough.

Use Simpler Brewing Techniques, Like Spectrum Hops

Another feng shui technique, as well as a practice you see throughout the world of feng shui, is the ability to keep things simple. Feng shui should be easy and it should feel good! There’s no struggle, you don’t have to adapt or struggle to change your entire business around these principles at all. It should be as easy as breathing for you, because that’s what feng shui is. It is about making yourself feel better and about making your life easier.

You can also try to make your life at the brewery easier to enhance the benefits of feng shui. Try to use simpler brewing techniques with less ingredients and fewer extra steps. This might seem like a ridiculous move because every other brewery is using more ingredients to get more flavor and more notice, but you can make do with less.

You just need to make sure that those ingredients have flavor, so make sure to only pick the best of the best. For example, you can get SPECTRUM hops for enhanced brews, because these hops pack a punch and don’t require a lot of other items in the vat!

Start Small And Do Research

For such an ancient practice, there are a lot of different ways to interpret the world of feng shui. So don’t be afraid to start small and start learning about all that feng shui can do for you and your brewery. Once you feel like you have a solid grasp on the basic fundamentals, then you can bring those elements into your brewery, and let them sit for a while. Then you should start to feel a massive shift in your mood, as well as how your brewery operates!

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