Intrigued by the idea of maximising your bathroom’s potential as per Feng Shui’s principles? 

A combination vanity unit might be the perfect solution!

A fixture update, in conjunction with a combination vanity unit as per Feng Shui’s rules can breathe a new life in them. Even if your bathroom already has a toilet and sink, consider an upgrade for taking more control over your life. 

Toilet, sink, and storage are an essential need of every bathroom, combining them into one unit offers a space-saving solution while creating a streamlined and organised space. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of upgrading to a stylish and functional 3-in-1 combination unit while following Feng Shui’s principles.

When is a Combination Vanity Unit a Good Idea?

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A wrong set of bathroom furniture can lead to blocked energy, too!

Cluttered view, especially in the bathroom, can influence on your Qi (energy) negatively. You need something that can offer you full control over your life, such as a combination vanity unit. 

Not only you’ll be decluttering the space but enjoying the dual benefits this storage option offers. 

The choice of your bathroom furniture depends on many factors. These include your bathroom, layout, size, design, etc. Typically, it is the plumbing that dictates where your toilets and sink will fit. 

However, in case these have plumbing available for fitting next to each other, an easy solution may be to install a Vanity & Toilet Combination Units. Not only will it save precious space, but it can also inject a stylish and contemporary look into your bathroom.

There are several compelling reasons to incorporate a combination vanity unit into your bathroom remodel:

  • Revamp Your Bathroom’s Style: The main advantage of combination vanity units is their ability to elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Perhaps you may have a specific theme in mind, inspired by an image you saw online. And you want to create the same aesthetic. These units come in a variety of finishes, so you can look for certain finishes that match your desired design. 

Unlocking Design Potential:

  • Match Your Theme: When it comes to choosing a combination vanity unit, you will come across various choices. From modern fluted surface, and sintered stone basin to minimalist design, there are choices that will allow you to find the perfect match to complement your bathroom theme. Since you’re seeking balance in your bathroom interiors, a combination vanity unit smartly offers you such capabilities. 
  • Express Yourself Through Colour:  There are a variety of colours and finishes for a combination vanity unit. From dark matt black to subtle satin tones, you can utilise them to create a bold style statement or simple design element depending on your personal preferences. Experts recommend picking the finish that can help you create a cohesive bathroom look. As per Feng Shui’s rules, colours represent our Qi, too, so you’ll have the chance to express yours with variety of colour options while choosing a combination vanity unit. 

Optimising Your Bathroom Layout:

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  • Space-Saving Hero – Maximise Your Space If you have a small bathroom or a space where area is a concern then a combination vanity unit can be the answer. It will save you space by combining all the basic fixtures ( vanity, sink and toilet) into a single fixture while eliminating the need for separate ones.  Alternatively you can also consider installing a 600mm vanity unit to deal with small space challenges and optimise the area efficiently. 
  • Storage Solutions: Depending on your choice of combination vanity units, you will find storage available under the sink in the shape of drawers, cabinets, or sometimes open shelves. There will be enough storage space available to keep your bathroom essentials at easy access.  The ample storage translates to a clutter free bathroom upkeep. Choose a 1300mm combination vanity unit if you require larger space for storage.  
  • Simplified Cleaning and Maintenance: With this simple upgrade you can enjoy a lot of ease in cleaning and maintenance routine. These units help simplify the cleaning due to a combo design. No more cleaning challenges posted by hidden nooks where dirt can accommodate, and less surface area for dust and grime to gather making it all a lot easier and less time consuming to manage. 

How to Upgrade for a Combination Vanity Unit?

So, you have decided to get rid of the separate toilet and sink and install a combination vanity unit. First, kudos on choosing a clutter-free bathroom area while adopting Feng Shui’s organisation rules. 

Here’s our step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade. 

Step 1. Assess Your Plumbing

The first and most important thing is to know whether your plumbing supports the idea of combination unit installation. 

  • Exiting Plumbing: It might be relatively easier and straightforward to install a combination vanity unit if your toilet and sink are fitted close together with compatible plumbing. Alternatively, there will be changes required in plumbing creating a suitable space for a combo vanity unit. 
  • Relocating Plumbing: If your current bathroom configuration does not support a combi vanity unit fitting then a lot more plumbing work will be required to create a water inlet and drainage connections. In case you are unsure about it then getting in touch with a plumber may be a good idea. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that changing or updating the plumbing system will significantly raise the overall costs. 

Step 2. Theme Time

Once you have figured out the right location for the combination vanity units, it’s now time to unleash your inner designer and connect with the Nature using natural decorative ideas. Combination vanity units come in a variety of styles to complement different bathroom themes. 

  • Gather Inspiration:  As per Feng Shui, incorporating natural world elements such as plants, sunlight or anything of this sort can offer you a peace of mind. Since there are various designs and shapes of such vanity available in the market, it is important to think about your overall bathroom and choose the vanity that supports it. You may develop your idea from any famous website like Pinterest or Instagram where many bathroom design and layout pictures are available to view.
  • Consult a Designer (Optional): If your budget allows, consult an interior designer for professional guidance in selecting the right combination vanity unit. It will ensure the unit you choose helps in creating a cohesive bathroom design. 

Step 3: Choosing Your Dream Unit

Once you have developed your idea based on the bathroom theme to follow, the next step would be to find an ideal combination furniture unit.

  • Style Selection: You will need to look for a design that may be modern, contemporary, or traditional. For example, a traditional design combination vanity may be one with a traditional handle design, a sink that is round, and cross-head sink taps.
  • Vanity Design Details: Consider your own style preference when deciding about the vanity unit design details. You may choose from various shapes, a surface that is fluted, handle designs and colour, etc.
  • Toilet Bowl Selection: you should also think about what design of toilet bowl you want to have that will be attached to the WC unit. You can also look for your favourite colour as per the overall theme and the finish that looks like the one you are trying to follow. 

Final Thoughts

Combination vanity units can be a space saving hero helping you to optimise the space without compromising the style. By following the steps and considerations discussed in this blog, you can find the perfect combination vanity unit for your bathroom. If a combo unit is what you are looking for then grab your measuring tape, unleash the inner design and get ready to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

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