Feng Shui, or Chinese geomancy, uses energy to balance people and the environment. The act makes life better by concentrating on good feelings and general wealth. It happens in any area, whether ordinary daily life or specialized tasks. Even though it’s not usual in Australia, nothing stops you from giving it a go.

Today, let’s discuss the entertainment world and focus specifically on gambling. Many folks pick it to unwind, desiring to feel strong feelings and, if they win, gain cash. Moreover, the Internet has made casinos easier to reach than ever before. In card games, you need skills, but in slots, it’s just about luck. Today, we will find out how to get it working for you.

Benefits of Harmony Practice

The system has a long history and originated in the heyday of Chinese culture. The words “Feng” and “Shui” reflect “wind” and “water” respectively. This practice is about believing people’s energies impact a harmonious and positive environment.

The history of Feng Shui dates back to ancient China, where people used it to determine the most suitable places for settlement and construction. The practice developed along with philosophy, including Taoism and Confucianism. Over time, it became more complex and included interior design, architecture, and geomancy aspects.

Inner Harmony

First things first, that’s why we came here. In gambling, inner harmony means a balance between understanding risks, managing emotions, and setting yourself up for a positive outcome. The Feng Shui techniques below might come in handy: 

  1. Breathing practice: Focus on breathing to relieve stress and maintain emotional balance. For example, the 5-5-5 pattern, which means seconds for inhalation, holding, and exhalation. 
  2. Meditation before the game: Try positive affirmations and visualization to boost your energy. There are a lot of videos and audio on the Internet, depending on your needs — relaxation, motivation, focus, etc. 
  3. Observe your emotions: Study how you react to wins and losses, and try to maintain stability. You’ll need an emotion tracker from the official store or a regular notebook to do this. 
  4. Believe in a positive outcome: We attract what we think about. 
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But practical training will also build inner peace because you will be more confident in your ability to control yourself. And self-control is crucial for gamblers, as it will help you avoid reckless gambling and the urge to recoup if you have a bad day. Since it’s easy to top up a casino account online, especially on PayID gambling platforms where you can deposit in seconds, self-control is the main trait that will keep you from spending more than you need.

Play in the Right Place

We will focus on the online format, so you will likely play at home. It is better to refuse to bet on the road or in other crowded places due to noise. You want to concentrate, don’t you? Also, avoid sharp corners and dirty areas.

In Feng Shui, colors also have great importance. Use warm, pleasant ones that promote a positive mood — red, orange and gold. It can be lighting or your clothes, etc. For the former, avoid dim lighting. 

Influence of Numbers on the Game’s Outcome 

In Feng Shui, numbers are not only material objects but also carriers of energy. Using this in online gambling, you can channel and balance energy to achieve better results. For example, the number 8 is considered lucky for its similarity to the word “wealth” in Chinese. Thus, according to Feng Shui, players can mark favorable ones and choose them for bets, mainly in roulette. 

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Numbers can also be added, subtracted, or multiplied to get a specific result. This way, you can conclude the bet amount or the total prize. Gamblers can experiment with different combinations of numbers based on their energy. For example, you can choose the “lucky ones” and place roulette bets on them one by one. Here are the main ones and their primary meaning. 

NumberSymbolism in Feng Shui
1New beginnings, independence
2Harmony, couple, balance
3Growth, development, fertility
4Stability, security, foundation
5Energy, movement, fun
6Success in business, money
7Spirituality, perfection
8Wealth, success, prosperity
9High degree of development, harmony
10Completeness, completion, perfection

Don’t Focus on Money

As strange as it may sound in the gambling context, this is the way to go. Focusing solely on winning brings stress and tension. You may have already experienced moments of instability or anxiety, especially when it comes to losses. A better approach is to realize that you are paying for entertainment with PayID, but no one guarantees your money back. That’s where responsible gambling practices come in. You set the amount you will spend on a session and stick to it. That’s how you can better concentrate on the game and make decisions based on strategy or intuition.

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