Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is one of the ancient Chinese teachings. Feng Shui (Feng Shui) is an ancient Chinese science of well-being for those who want to manage their lives, destiny, get rid of depression, loneliness, achieve success, want to overcome troubles and problems, but do not know how. Many, organizing their environment in accordance with feng shui, are surprised to notice an improvement in health and a change for the better. What’s this? Mystic? Not at all.

The character “qi” means “dragon’s breath”. In Feng Shui, it is an amazing life force. “Qi” is positive and negative. For example, slowly flowing water creates positive qi, while swamp water creates negative qi. But a strong wind and a turbulent stream easily disperse it. Therefore, a light breeze and winding, quietly flowing streams near the house are very good.

Qi is made up of yin and yang. These are two opposites in the universe. It looks like two tadpoles: one is black with a white dot, the other is white with a black dot. This indicates that in every yin there is a little yang, and in every yang there is a little yin.

It is no coincidence that Chinese wisdom puts a black dot on a white tadpole, and vice versa on a black one. After all, there is a very kind person, but still somewhere in the depths of his soul a black point of evil is dormant (sometimes we ourselves do not even know about its existence), but under certain unfavorable conditions it suddenly wakes up, and everyone wonders – where is such anger and cruelty? In such cases, they say: “Do not wake the beast in me.”

In the space around us, yin and yang must be balanced. If the area is completely flat, they say it is too “yin”, and if it is hilly, then it is “yang”. If, for example, your plot of land is too “yin”, you can correct the defect by planting bushes or trees on it, and placing stones. But do not forget that over time, small seedlings will turn into large trees, and this will change the feng shui of the surroundings.

The house itself is also divided into “yin” and “yang” zones. The front part, which welcomes the guests, is directed outward and has the properties of “yang”. The further into the interior of the house, the more “Yin” the rooms become, so the bedrooms are located away from the main entrance. Expert essay writer from th cheapest essay says that when she did the feng shui rearrangement at home, her work went uphill, it became easier for her to complete difficult tasks and a surge of energy appeared.

Currently, there are two main methods, or schools of feng shui – landscape and compass. These schools are based on different ways of interpreting the deep connections between a person and his external environment.

Specialists in this field go hand in hand with designers in the field of landscape and architecture, home improvement and life.

How to organize a feng shui study space?

For example, let’s consider how to arrange a workplace for a child according to Feng Shui so that he can improve his school performance.

According to Chinese feng shui masters, there are no trifles in life, so the choice of a workplace should be taken especially carefully. In order to increase study efficiency on your own or with the help of domypaper.me, it is important to observe the following rules when arranging the working area:

  • Furniture with sharp corners, located opposite the work area, radiates unfavorable energy. You should not install a table under bulky ceiling structures, they interfere with academic success, and also provoke injuries and illnesses.
  • The desktop should not be located on the same line between the door and the window. This can cause all creative ideas to be blown out of the room. Sitting with your back to the window is also not recommended, as you can lose support in your studies.
  • The table is recommended to be installed in the southeast or north sector, these zones are responsible for academic success.

The table should be divided into several sectors using the Ba-gua grid. The Assistant Zone is located in the lower right corner, by placing a phone here or putting a weekly journal, one can attract some assistants to the essay writing process. Just above this area is the Knowledge sector. Here you can put educational literature, symbolizing your desire for professional growth and readiness to receive new information.

Using the valuable advice of Feng Shui experts, you can properly organize your workplace, creating favorable conditions for attracting success in learning.

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