When you are desperate to get your essay done fast, you’ll be willing to try almost anything to get a good result. For some students, that means engaging in personal superstitions and rituals, such as wearing lucky clothing or eating a particular meal before you start writing. For others, it means turning to ancient wisdom in order to get a leg up on an essay. While ancient philosophies like stoicism may help you to handle the burden of writing an essay more effectively, many students have found that applying feng shui to their writing environment can help to create a more calming, relaxing, and productive work environment in order to deliver a great essay every time.

In this article devoted to successful essay writing, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can benefit from using feng shui in the place where you write your papers. But first, let’s talk a little bit about what feng shui is.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese approach to physical spaces that seeks to harmonize the flow of energy, known as chi, in order to create an environment that maximizes the health, happiness, and prosperity of those within it. Feng shui dates back more than 3,000 years and originates in the Chinese philosophy of Daoism, in which principles revolving around living in harmony with the environment and nature predominate. Those who practice feng shui believe that by placing elements of the built environment in a particular way, they can control the flow of chi in order to achieve balance and thus harmony. Elements of a room, for example, such as the placement of the furniture, decorations, lighting, etc. can impact chi.

There are a number of schools of thought within feng shui , including the Compass School, the Form School, and the Black Hat Sect of feng shui. Around the world, these various approaches to feng shui have influenced the design and development of homes, offices, public spaces, and more in order to influence behavior and achieve health and happiness.

Now, you may ask if feng shui actually works. Scientifically speaking, there is no specific evidence for the existence of chi, nor for an influence of furniture placement on prosperity. However, the principles of feng shui and the idea of harmony can have a profound mental effect regardless of whether they have a physical scientific basis and may therefore produce results as long as you think they will.

Feng Shui Ways to Write Essays

It might feel like feng shui doesn’t have much to do with writing essays. After all, you could always hire someone to write your essays for you through a paper writing service like WriteMyPaperHub.com. Paying for papers online not only gets you the help you need but also frees up your time and reduces your stress. That last point is key: stress reduction. Much the same way, feng shui helps to make the writing process easier by promoting a more harmonious and stress-free environment. Here’s how you can write successful essays with some extraordinary ways:


Minimalism and clear spaces are a feng shui principle, and taking care of the piles of clutter on your workspace will help you to write more effectively. Not only will you have more room to move your arms and open books, but the clear, empty space is more relaxing and soothing than the anxiety-inducing piles of clutter.

Assume the command position

Your desk should be placed in “command position”, opposite the entrance to the room, if possible. You should sit so that you are looking toward the entrance of the room. When your desk is in this position, you will feel more in control of your environment and better able to produce great work. If you can’t position your desk that way, use a mirror to view the entrance from your seat.

Bring in symbols of success

The energy of success flows from symbols of success, so include awards, diplomas, and trophies that you have earned in your workspace to help promote feelings of confidence and success. Just be sure you are selective with your decorations so you don’t end up with a cluttered office!

Decorate with appropriate colors

Feng shui assigns different meanings to different color palettes. As a writer, you will want to decorate with blues and greens, colors that have a soothing or calming effect and are therefore best for creating a relaxing environment to combat the stress of essay writing. These colors aren’t just for feng shui. They are often associated with relaxation and calm worldwide, and this may have a scientific basis in their connection to the natural world.

Avoid fire elements

Steer clear of the color read and elements containing fire such as candles. Feng shui believes that these elements induce tension and stress.

Decorate with natural materials

Using wood, stone, and other natural materials can help to promote a healthy and harmonious balance with nature. Consider using a small fountain to add ambiance to your workspace and to bring in a water element.

Bring in a houseplant

As part of feng shui’s emphasis on nature, bringing in a plant to your home can help to create positive energy flow. Choose a plant with round leaves for an authentically calming feng shui experience. Any plant, however, will help to freshen the air and encourage calm and relaxation. Studies have found that exposure to plants improves mental wellbeing.

Wrapping Up

If you want to write a successful essay in college, you should follow our feng shui tips and ways. We tried to collect useful information for students who are going to be successful in their studies.

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