What exactly is a “love language?” Well, the simplest definition is the way in which we express love and the way we want to receive expressions of love from a romantic partner. And the love language of a person is tied directly to their zodiac sign.

There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, and they are combined into categories of water, fire, earth, and air. Each of the grouped signs has a love language. Once you understand the languages, you and your partner will both know how to express love to one another.

The Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs have a lot of emotional energy and lots of sensitivity as well. Whether you are a water sign or your significant other is, here is what water signs need.

They need to feel that their souls are merging with their partners. They express love by showing deep caring for their mate – for their feelings and for their well-being. And they expect the same in return.

Water signs are not convinced by physical expressions or by words, and they are not into going out on lots of dates and whooping it up. What they want from their mates is a strong sense of authenticity 

The Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire is right. These signs are full of energy – physical energy, that is – and this includes plenty of energy in the bedroom. These signs express their love by being active with their partners. They want excitement and adventures. If you are in a relationship with a fire sign, be prepared. They are up for anything – concerts, hiking, bike-riding, closing down the bar after a night of dancing and karaoke, shopping, wild vacations, etc. They express their love by wanting to do things with you.

Additionally, with Juno in Sagittarius, you can expect a desire for even more adventurous and expansive experiences in your relationship.

If you are a fire sign, make sure your partner understands what love looks like to you, because you can be exhausting at times. And you won’t be all cuddly and snuggly either.

And in the bedroom? Fire signs have a lot of passion, but they can also be a bit selfish. They want their needs met but are not always sensitive to your needs and wants. And if you are a fire sign, you are the same way. This will take some work for both of you to be satisfied.

Oh, and one more note: if you get started on online dating services, make sure that you are very clear about your love language so that you will get matches that are compatible. 

The Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs bring stability and durability to a relationship, but they do not “take” to the emotional. They are supportive, and respectful, and want to talk about your goals so they can be supportive of them. They will even support you financially, if necessary, while you pursue those goals. 

Earth signs want to be physically near their mates at all times and to be a very strong presence in their lives. But they don’t want to talk about feelings much, and they are turned off by emotional outbursts. One thing you can count on with earth signs – they are loyal and completely reliable. And they are very good in bed.

The love language of earth signs is physical closeness, and they want to feel appreciated for all that they do. In many ways, the earth sign lover is more like a very best friend, except for sexual activity, which is an important part of their love life. Just don’t expect a lot of endearing words and emotional gushing.

In all, earth signs want a partner who is committed and willing to share the responsibilities of a life together. And you will find none more committed and loyal.

The Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Calm, cool, intellectual, and collected – these are the most common attributes of the air signs. You will not find air signs having emotional outbursts either. They are very verbal, though, and enjoy long conversations with their partners, professing their love almost casually rather than gushing lots of endearments and emotions.

If your significant other is an air sign, then you will want to do lots of things with them and appreciate that they will want to be around others too – they are very social. When you have issues and problems, they will listen attentively and perhaps help you with a solution, but don’t expect them to get all emotional with you. They respond with their minds, not their hearts.

Air signs will want their mates to communicate that they love them with their words, not necessarily lots of physical affection. If you want to show your love in ways that are important to them, then read the same book they are so that you can have a stimulating conversation about it. Hang out with them, be a great companion, and allow them their independence too.

Are These Hard and Fast Love Languages

No. Astrology is not an exact science by any means. It can provide general information, but, as individuals, we all have our own experiences from childhood forward that impact how we love as adults. On the other hand, our birth dates and times, along with where Venus was at that time mean that we will have love language tendencies. And certainly, these will help us to understand and to respond to the people we choose as partners.

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