Many online casino games involve an element of luck, and this is certainly true with online pokies. An online pokies casino uses random number generators to create fair and random results. This means that games can’t be influenced. However, many players around the world look for an edge to give them better luck.

Gamblers have turned to Feng Shui to improve the luck element in their environments and gameplay. Positive energy is used to clear the mind of players so that they can concentrate better.

At, we will look at what Feng Shui is and 5 tips on how it can be used to attract fortune when playing Aus online pokies.

What Is Feng Shui?

Many people have heard of Feng Shui, but not everyone understands its meaning.

Feng Shui is Chinese. “Feng” means wind, and “Shui” means water. The saying comes from an old poem that talks about the balance with the environment around human life. Feng Shui aims to attract good energy and create harmony between the surroundings and that of a person.

Many players believe that Feng Shui can help create good fortune as we will be calmer, with a clearer mind when playing, and in harmony with casino games like online pokies.

Players use some principles of Feng Shui when gambling and playing jackpot games.

Top 5 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Fortune When Playing Pokies

Certain principles of Feng Shui can lead to a balanced environment and can be incorporated into your gambling habits.

Here are the top 5 Feng Shui tips you can use to create harmony and improve your gameplay through a clearer and balanced mindset.

  1. Create A Peaceful Environment

The focus of Feng Shui is to harmonise with the environment around you. This means that the gambling space is just as important as the gameplay.

The area where you play pokies online needs to be open and peaceful, allowing for flowing energy without any hurdles.

It is best to have a clean and uncluttered space for positive energy. Having your chair facing an open door is a good idea so the energy can flow towards you and be welcomed into this space.

  1. Increase The Good Energy

Negative energy can be blocked by using particular objects. These objects can also help increase the flow of good energy.

Mirrors are a great way to help spread light and energy within a room.

Water also plays a pivotal role and is the key to having optimal Feng Shui. By adding a small fountain or an aquarium into the space, the water creates a unique calming effect that can help keep the mind clear when playing casino games.

Certain items and symbols can also be used to introduce good luck. These items are things like Buddha statues, dragons, bamboo, and crystals and should be welcomed into the space.

Crystals have the power to spread sunlight. They absorb positive energy and spread light around the room.

  1. Stopping Energy By Counting Money

Counting money stops the flow of positive energy. It is bad luck, so stopping to count your bankroll is not a good idea. This is true whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or online poker. The idea here is that instead of welcoming all money, you’re just focusing on exact amounts.

In the same breath, you should never look over and count another player’s money. If you’re playing an online pokies casino, it would be the same as trying to figure out which jackpots have been won by other players.

  1. Colours Are Important

Colours play an important role in Feng Shui, so pay close attention, as each colour represents an aspect and should be considered in the space or gameplay.

It is important to note that the primary colours of Feng Shui are blue and black, as they represent water.

Other colours are used to strengthen the principles of Feng Shui.

  • Blue represents the growth of money and flow and nourishing good things.
  • Yellow symbolises happiness and good energy, as well as being the colour of bright lights and the sun.
  • Green represents health and balance within a home.
  • White is also known as a hard colour that brings supportive energy.

Of course, you may not be able to incorporate all the colours into your space, but take note of these as you may have better fortune with some colours. For instance, if you are browsing online pokies with a jackpot and spot a game with a blue background, it could be a good choice, as blue is an essential part of Feng Shui.

  1. Numbers Carry Great Symbolism

Just like colours, numbers also hold great significance in Feng Shui. Specific numbers will affect actions and surroundings depending on their use.

Here is a breakdown of what numbers mean in Feng Shui:

  •  One – relates to water and pertains to a life journey.
  • Two – represents Earth and the land that inspires growth in relationships.
  • Three – symbolises sturdy wood, refers to bonds in families, and creates new beginnings.
  • Four – represents flexible wood and stimulates wealth and good fortune.
  • Five – represents Earth but relates to sustaining good physical and mental health.
  • Six – represents hard metal, which symbolises travel and helpful people.
  • Seven – is for soft metal and encourages joy and productivity.
  • Eight – represents mountains, which is the foundation of knowledge.
  • Nine – symbolises fire that shows your positive attributes and helps create a positive reputation.

A perfect balance is represented when all numbers are used. Feng Shui gambling luck can be improved by paying attention to numbers. Keep an eye out when you play a game representing all the numbers when choosing the number spins, coin values, and even the time spent playing.

Bonus Tip

At SmartPokies, we want you to have the best and luckiest online pokies experience, so here are two bonus tips:

  1. An important aspect is to have a positive attitude by thinking you will win when gambling. If not, you will attract negative energy.

Also, help others as much as you can to attract good luck.

As they say, what goes around comes around.

  1. If you want to hit the jackpot, you should never give up. Luck will be on your side at some point, and you could be a lucky winner when it hits.

Try Feng Shui at Online Pokies Casino

If you want to improve gambling luck, using Feng Shui principles is one way to go. If you’re ready to try them, sign up for an Australian Online Pokies site and start spinning the reels while considering all the abovementioned principles.

To get started, register an account with an online casino like The, which is a reputable online casino licensed by Curacao. They offer hundreds of games, including pokies, table games, and live dealer games.

Making deposits and withdrawals using PayID. Pokies on this site are provided by top software providers.

Safe online pokies will use RNGs audited by third parties to ensure they are entirely random and fair. Remember to have a clear space where positive energy can flow for a clearer mind and balance to attract wealth when playing online pokies.

When choosing a game or placing a bet, take note of the colours and numbers, as they play an essential role in Feng Shui. This will help you create positive energy when playing.

Most importantly, it would help if you believed in good luck. This boosts confidence, and by believing that you can win, at some point, you will.

Even though some players might be skeptical about Feng Shui and its benefits, it can’t hurt to give it a try. Players should consider it a way to create harmony between themselves and the environment where they are playing online casino games.

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