I found myself at Lake Como, WI, in a place that was supposed to be my escape. Nestled in this serene location, where homes vary from quaint hideaways starting at around $250,000 to majestic lakeside estates reaching beyond $1 million, mine held a unique charm yet untapped.

It was beautiful but felt off. I heard about Feng Shui, a way to make spaces better by arranging things a certain way. Eager to harmonize my abode with its picturesque surroundings, I embarked on a Feng Shui journey.

First Steps

Feng Shui was new to me. It’s about how things flow. In a community where the value of a home can significantly increase with thoughtful design and harmonious living, I saw the potential in enhancing my space and nurturing its value. I wanted my house to feel good, where I could relax and be happy. So, I started reading and learning.

Clearing Out 

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The first thing was to get rid of clutter. I had too much stuff that I didn’t need. Getting rid of it made the house feel lighter. It was like the house took a deep breath, ready to match the expansive feel of Lake Como’s open waters.

Water and Wealth 

I learned that water means wealth in Feng Shui. So, I put a small fountain outside, near my door. It was a simple thing, but it made the entrance feel special. Every time I heard the water, it reminded me of Lake Como’s affluent essence, promising good things to come my way. 

Fire for Creativity

I needed a spot for creativity and passion. The south corner of my living room got a makeover. I added candles and some red pillows. This space transformed into my sanctuary for reflection and dreaming, mirroring the vibrant sunsets over Lake Como.

Earth for Stability

To feel grounded and stable, I focused on the center of the house. I placed a big, comfy rug there and some plants. Creating a cozy spot that made me feel safe and secure, I drew inspiration from the sturdy oaks dotting the lakeside, embodying resilience and stability.

Metal for Clarity

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My office received the metal treatment for clear thinking. Adding a metal lamp and some white and gray colors, it became a place where I could focus and get work done, reflecting the clear, crisp skies over Lake Como.

Wood for Growth

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The east part of my house was about growth and health. I put up pictures of trees and plants, drawing on the lush, verdant landscapes surrounding Lake Como, reminding me to take care of myself and always keep growing.

The Transformation

After making all these changes, my lake house felt different. It was more than just moving things around. It felt like the house and I were in harmony.

I found peace and comfort in my Lake Como retreat. The journey of feng shui not only enhances its aesthetic and spiritual value but also potentially increases the market value of Lake Como houses.


Lake Como has wonderful homes to live in for all types of families but I makeover my place with the touch of Feng Shui to find a place full of peace. 

This journey with Feng Shui at my Lake Como retreat was about more than just a house makeover. It was a lesson in balance and harmony, in aligning my living space with the natural beauty and affluence of Lake Como, WI.

It taught me to be mindful of my surroundings and how they affect me, transforming my lake house into a true sanctuary, a place of peace and happiness amidst a community where the beauty of nature and the promise of prosperity meet.

Quick Home Details

  • House Type: Single Family Residence
  • Location: N2830 Walden Lane, Geneva, WI 53147
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Bedroom: 4
  • Bathroom: 3.5 (3 full, 1 half)
  • Square Feet: 4,248
  • Garage Spaces: 4

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