Natural Lapis Gemstone Bracelet for Healing – The “Wisdom Stone”

  • Heals the immune system and inflammations, lowers blood pressure
  • Beneficial for the nervous and respiratory system
  • Symbolizes harmony and honesty
  • Boosts positive energy and great for people with insomnia and depression
  • Associated with self-expression and deep inner truths


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MATERIAL AND SIZE: 22-24 pcs. of Prime-Quality 8mm Natural Lapis Gemstone Beads. Natural Lapis comes in shades that vary from deep blue to purple. Designed to have adjustable and durable cord with size between the range of 7.3”-10.4”. Cords are weaved and handmade. Size fits both men and women (unisex).

BENEFITS: Known for its numerous medical benefits. It is claimed to improve the immune system, lowers the blood pressure, and heals inflammations of the wearer. Moreover, this gemstone is known for being beneficial to the nervous system and respiratory system.

SYMBOLISMS AND MEANING: The natural lapis gemstone symbolizes harmony and honesty. This gem is also termed as ‘the stone from heaven’ or ‘the wisdom stone’. Furthermore, it is also associated with self-expression and deep inner truths. This gemstone is associated with the throat chakra.

WHY PEOPLE LIKE IT: Aside from its beautiful color, it is also good for people with insomnia and depression. It is a perfect gift for people having problems with their throat and thyroid. If you generally feel sluggish then this bracelet is also good for you as it good in boosting positive energy.

OTHER INFORMATION: This product does not contain metal and other materials that are not good for sensitive skin. This bracelet is hypoallergenic. Made with non-slip beads. It also comes with a grey velvet drawstring packaging making it ready to be gifted.

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