Natural Tiger Eye Bracelet for Protection – The “Stone of Courage”

  • Protects you from evil spirits and curses
  • Protects from other people’s negative wishes against you
  • Brings courage, vitality, and power
  • Overcomes fear and anxiety


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MATERIAL AND SIZE: 22-24 pcs. of Prime-Quality 8mm Multi-Colored Tiger Eye Beads. Designed to have adjustable and durable cord with size between the range of 7.3”-10.4”. Cords are weaved and handmade. Size fits both men and women (unisex).

BENEFITS: The tiger eye bracelet is claimed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and curses. Wearers believe that it is a good protection from other people who wish them bad luck. It also gives the wearer courage, vitality, and power that assist them in overcoming fears.

SYMBOLISMS AND MEANING: Tiger eye stone symbolizes bravery, vitality, power, and strength. This gem is also termed as ‘the stone of courage’. Furthermore, this gem has the ability to help you get grounded and firm as this is associated with the root and sacral chakra.

WHY PEOPLE LIKE IT: The tiger eye bracelet is perfect for people who has overwhelming fears and anxiety. It is also a good amulet for people who is exposed to negative environment. The tiger eye bracelet acts as a mirror that returns the curse back to its sender. A perfect gift for your famous or well-known friends who are prone to hateful feedbacks.

OTHER INFORMATION: This product does not contain metal and other materials that are not good for sensitive skin. This bracelet is hypoallergenic. It comes with a grey velvet drawstring packaging.

SHIPPING: FREE Shipping. Ships in 24-48 hours from sunny California, USA.


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