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Aren’t we all curious about what will happen in the future?

Personally, I’m interested business, economy, and political events around the world. It helps me (a little) on planning for the year. It helps me plan international travels and stock investments with the little money that I have. Therefore, business, economic, and political forecasts are what you will read in this article.

The year of the Fire Rooster is upon us. According to the “Ten Thousand Year Calendar”, it starts on Feb. 4, 2017. As you will see, the year is likely to bring some disturbances and some invention marvels. 

Most predictions and fortune telling are quite accurate, but others are quite off. What I like to do is to read them and stay informed. It’ll help me to think twice before I make a firm decision.

But that’s me. What you should do is to use the information as a point of reference. Do not just rely on what the experts say. You also need to stay on top of current events and make your own educated guess based on your observations.

In any event, here are the world predictions from seven Feng Shui Masters that I could muster up. They include Raymond Lo, Darelle Ball, Hanz Cua, Marites Allen, Jodi Brunner, Karma Weather, and Master Lee Cheng Hoe.

To begin, let’s see what the year of the Fire Rooster is all about.

Fire Rooster: A Year of Disharmony

This year, the Fire Rooster sits on top of Metal. It brings disharmony because fire conquers metal, creating a destructive cycle. Because of this clash, the experts categorized the Fire Rooster as “fiery and agitated” with a blend of aggressiveness.

In 2016, the year of the Monkey has Yang Fire. In 2017, the year of the Rooster has Yin Fire. Although Yin Fire is considered more passive than the active Yang fire, experts agree that it has the ability to ignite massive fire.

Liquid metal molten by fire min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
2017 is a year of disharmony because Fire conquers Metal.

Here’s how Ramond Lo puts it:

“In particular Yin Fire symbolizes a candle flame which is flickering and unstable, hence it also represents an emotional, sentimental and sensitive person. It is not quick tempered like Yang fire, but it can be tense and nervous and its temper will accumulate and once explodes, it will be more serious than Yang Fire.  Like the Chinese saying – A spark of fire can burn down the field.  Hence Yin Fire is more associate with fire disasters and explosions.”  – Raymond Lo

Though Jodi Brunner states that 2017 should be more peaceful than 2016 because of the nature of Yin Fire, she does warn that Yin Fire has the ability to spark greater fire.

Sounds a bit scary, isn’t it?

With that in mind, let’s now take a look into the forecasts of 2017.

Expect Fire Disasters and Explosions in 2017

Because Yin Fire has the potential to explode and ignite massive fire, experts have predicted serious explosions and fire disasters. They cited several events back in history to backup their claims.

A Look Back in History: Disastrous Events in 1957

The Chinese calendar uses 12 animal signs and 5 elements. When you multiply the both (12 x 5), that means each cycle has 60 years. That means the last time the Fire Rooster appeared was 60 years ago in 1957.

Here are some disastrous events in 1957 that experts have mentioned:

Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster

This nuclear disaster was the third most serious nuclear accident ever recorded. It occurred on September 29, 1957 in a plutonium production site for nuclear weapons in Soviet Union.

The disaster was caused by a huge explosion. The power of the cooling system in one of the tanks failed and was not repaired. As temperature rose, a chemical explosion took place. The explosion was estimated to have a force of about 70-100 tons of TNT explosives, which later released toxic radiation across the region.

Windscale Fire

Here’s another nuclear incident that took place on October 10, 1957 in the United Kingdom. The nuclear reactors that caused this accident were built as part of the British atomic bomb project. Its severity was also top ranked among all nuclear incidents.

What happened was that the reactor temperature was rising, and the cooling fans were sped up to cool the reactor. Unbeknownst to the operators, there was a fire, and the fans helped spread the fire. The fire disaster burned for three days, releasing radioactive contamination spread across the UK and Europe.

Hydrogen Bomb Explosion

In 1957, a hydrogen bomb fell near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. According to Stan Norris, a research associate with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the bomb was “possibly the most powerful bomb we’ve ever made”. The statement was made in an LA Times article back in 1986.

The exact reason behind this accident was not revealed. Thankfully, no one was injured in this hydrogen bomb accident.

These explosions and fire disasters made the headlines because they are nuclear accidents. I personally do not think we will experience another nuclear explosion like the ones cited above.

Chooz Nuclear Power Plant 9361 min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Nuclear technology has been around for more than 60 years already. We are less likely to see nuclear disasters from here on.

That’s because today, our technology, experience, and learning took a great leap forward. It’s unlikely that we will repeat the same mistakes. Of course, that’s unless a natural disaster triggers a nuclear accident, similar to what happened to the Fukushima accident that was triggered by an earthquake and tsunami.

If the Feng Shui experts forecast accurately, it is possible that these explosions can take place in other forms.

Political and Social Issues Predictions for 2017

Many of the experts made one point clear: the year contains the metal element, which is related to guns and bullets. This means a variety of clashes and conflicts with firearms is possible, and they can range from assassinations to large scale conflicts in certain parts of the world.

Let’s take a look at the current events and see where these are possible.

Tensions are Rising in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

First, there’s what happened in USA, where Donald Trump was elected president.

There’s the concern where Trump’s isolationist ideology will disrupt the world’s current balance of power. What this means is that we will see less of U.S. intervention abroad. In other words, Russia and other countries can act as a rogue state and get away with it. As of January of 2017, conflict in the Ukrainian-Russian border still rages on.

Also, we are seeing a large military buildup in Eastern Europe, where US forces are building up in Eastern Europe (such as Poland). If you’re into history, you can see why these buildups can easily lead to large scale conflicts.

American soldiers welcome ceremony at polish german border Olszyna Poland min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
American soldiers during a welcome ceremony at the Polish-German border in Olszyna, Poland. Source:  Photograph: Natalia Dobryszycka/AFP/Getty Images

Then, there’s the U.S. – China relations and what’s happening in the South China Sea.

The relationship between China and U.S.A. has already been strained when Trump made a phone call to Taiwan’s President Tsai. For those of you that don’t know Taiwan, its sovereign name is the Republic of China. The country is separated from China when the Chinese Communist Party took power in Beijing in 1949, and the Nationalist Party (KMT) withdrew its forces to Taiwan. The phone call from Trump had already raised cross-strait tensions between Taiwan and China.

Also, there’s what’s happening at the South China Sea, where China is strategically asserting its power to secure its trade routes, which can easily be blocked by the U.S. Navy. This is very similar to what’s happening in Eastern Europe, and any tension and military buildups in this area can easily spark into larger conflicts.

US Navy to sail more in south china sea 2016 news - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Tensions are rising in the South China Sea between U.S. and China.

Then, there’s the Middle East, and it seems as if the conflicts in this region is never-ending.

Right now, multiple forces are still fighting ISIS in that region. Recent developments show that Russia’s airstrikes are supporting Turkey’s offensive in Northern Syria (quite the contrast from 2016). Although there was a recent assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, the deepening relationship between the two states serves to single out U.S.A from exerting its influence in that region.

But those are just the political issues. Let’s now take a look at some social issues.

Clashes in Racial, Gender, and Ideologies

According to experts, there will be a clash between religious conservatism and progressive secularization in many countries. Also, social issues such as equality and racism could be magnified during this year.

These issues are quite evident in U.S.A and some other countries today.

In the U.S., racism-related hate crimes were on the rise after Trump became president. Women are increasingly being mistreated, and Planned Parenthood is expected to shut down because there are plans for the government to defund it.

make america white again social issue rising 2017 min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Racism in USA are now more out-spoken right after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.

In Europe, there is a swing in political ideology to the right as more and more refugees seek asylum in Europe.

We’ve already seen what happened in United Kingdom with 2016’s Brexit. Now, we’re seeing that Austria is poised to elect a far-right president. There’s also movements such as Sweden Democrats, the National Front in France, the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands that are calling for their once open countries to close up and turn inward, much like Britain’s Brexit.

And it’s not just Europe, but Australia as well. In a recent poll by Essential Research, an Australia-based survey company, they found that 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslim immigration.

Businesses and Stock Market Forecasts for 2017

To add to the gloom and doom, several experts cited upcoming world economic challenges in 2017 and that “cash flow will be tight”. However, these are marked with several industries that will perform well. Also, Yin Fire is a year of great inventions, so we expect humanity to make inventions that will further our civilization.

Let’s start with the discussion of economy and stocks.

Economic Challenges Ahead

According to Feng Shui Experts, Yin Fire is optimistic but illusive. In the first part of the year, people’s confidence about the economy is high, and stocks should perform well. That’s because the spring and summer seasons are when Wood and Fire seasonal elements will drive up the stocks.

However, starting August when the seasonal Fire element is no longer supporting the Yin Fire, the market will become bearish. According to Raymond Lo, he forecasts that the market will remain bearish until the Tiger year of 2022. Previous Yin Fires cited was 1987, 1997, and 2007.

Here are some current events I found that (kind of) supports these claims.

First, there’s the property prices. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a major economic institution, has just sounded the alarm on global property prices and warning that a big correction could be on its way. They cited that in some developed countries, such as Canada and Sweden, property prices have climbed so high that a massive price drop may be coming. (We’ve been hearing this for years.)

GDP House Price Growth Sweden min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Sweden’s GDP and Property Growth comparison.

Then, again, there’s the new President of the United States.

According to Goldman Sachs, the new policies that Trump is endorsing will put a drag on the world economy. These policies include higher tariffs on trade, increasing federal stimulus, and tax cuts for corporations and Americans. Goldman predicts that these policies will produce a short-term growth in U.S. but will be put a drag on the world economy.

Also, there is this process of deregulation, which is also expected from the new President of the United States.

For those of you who knew what produced the Great Recession in 2007-2008, it was deregulation. It was when the government imposed no rules on financial practices. It was when toxic mortgages received triple-A ratings. That’s why financial experts are seeing a repeat of the financial meltdown if the new president chooses to deregulate.

Also, as a side point, American consumer debt is rising. According to the latest study from WalletHub, American households have an outstanding credit card debt of around $927.1 billion in the end of the 2016’s third quarter. That matches the mark in 2007 right before the Great Recession began.

wallethub total credit card debt skitched min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Source: WalletHub

With economic challenges coupled with social and political conflicts, 2017 sounds pretty bad, right? However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Inventions and Developments

Feng Shui Experts predict that the year of the Fire Rooster should bring new inventions that can greatly impact our civilization moving forward.

Some experts anticipate development in education because the year has an Academic Star. In 1957, we saw advancements in satellite development with Soviet Union’s Sputnik (Oct. 1957) and USA’s Explorer 1 (Jan. 1958, still the Fire Rooster year). Other notable inventions include the pacemaker, heart scanner, and electronic watch.

sputnik the first satellite min - 2017 Political & Economic Predictions by 7 Feng Shui Masters
Sputnik I, mankind’s first satellite, was launched in 1957, year of the Fire Rooster.

Because the Fire element is related to hot air, we might also see development in airplanes and flying objects. Some Feng Shui Experts are anticipating advancements in space exploration. I hope so too!

Certain Industries Will Perform

Feng Shui Experts predict Fire and Water related industries to perform. Some fire industries include restaurants and food, whereas Water industries include transportation, shipping, and communications. Most of these experts also cited entertainment, beauty, and fashion to flourish in 2017.

On the other hand, Metal related industries will NOT perform. These industries include banking, engineering, automobiles, and computers.


How true are these predictions? Only time can tell.

What should you do with the information? That’s for you to decide. How you act on these information separates you from everyone else. But of course, you have to also do your own research and make your own observations. The goal of this article is for you to stay informed.

Based on your knowledge and observations, what do you think will happen in 2017? Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below!


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