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This blog post you’re about to read contains an article that originally appeared in Simon Chan’s blog. Simon Chan is a Feng Shui Consultant based in Toronto, Canada, and specializes in Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui. His blog post is republished here with permission.

In his blog article, Simon reveals his Flying Star Feng Shui analysis of a house that has encountered a strange auto accident. The same method and analysis can be applied on other houses, which is why I’m sharing it with you here. 

If you’re not familiar with Flying Stars Feng Shui, the analysis below by Simon may seem a bit foreign to you. To get started, you can read this article about Flying Stars annual afflictions. The main concept here is that space and time can bring a big impact onto our lives.

In addition to the annual afflictions, each house has its natal chart based on its construction year and the home’s sitting and facing direction. Using this free tool, I generated a natal chart of a house built in May, 2001 with front door (house) direction facing North, compass reading at 360 degrees (or 0 degrees):

Feng Shui Flying Star Chart 2001 N house - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
Sample Flying Star Chart of a house using a house’s construction year and facing direction.

I won’t get into the details of interpreting the chart here. This article is just to show you how Flying Stars Feng Shui can be used to explain and predict certain events, like the one Simon has encountered. Flying Star Feng Shui can also be used for many other Feng Shui benefits, like improving health, wealth, and love.

Below is Simon’s case study. I have made minor edits to his blog post and added my opinion at the end of this article.

Is This Feng Shui or Accident?

On December 8, 2012 at 1am, there was a car accident in my neighborhood in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Around 1am, an intoxicated driver lost control of his car and smashed into the driveway of a house. The intoxicated driver hit a car parked at the driveway and pushed it back into the garage, causing serious damage to the garage (see picture below).

Damaged Garage from Car Accident - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
Damaged garage from the intoxicated driver.

Many people will think that this was just an unfortunate accident. However, this accident caught my attention, and I wondered why it only happened to this particular house? The house was not located at a T-junction road in any way.

Therefore, I picked up my Luo Pan and walked down to the house (which was very close to my house) to do some measuring and to take some pictures.

My findings revealed that this accident was in fact related to Feng Shui. This is based on my studies of the Flying Stars combinations at the North sector of the house, which is the garage and the main entrance.

Let me explain this in details below:

1. The natal chart for the house, a Period 7 house with North, offset facing direction [兼向]:

Flying Star Chart Period 7 House with North offset Facing Direction - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
Flying Star Chart Period 7 House with North offset Facing Direction

The [7, 6] flying star combination at the North sector is referred to as the “Sword-Fencing Xa” [交劍煞] in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. This implies the #7 Red Metal Star clashes with the #6 White Metal Star, which denotes the opportunities of conflicts and accidents (most likely car accidents).

However, this doesn’t mean that the house will suffer from these effects all the time. It will depend on whether there are any supporting Flying Stars (which include the annual, monthly, daily and hourly flying stars) at this sector to trigger its happening.

So, let us now take a look at the natal charts of all the above flying stars to see whether any of the above Flying Stars are responsible for this accident:

2. 2012 Annual Flying Star Chart

2012 annual flying star chart - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
2012 Annual Flying Star Chart

In 2012, the untimely #2 Earth Star is located at the North sector. Since the North sector of the Later Heaven Ba Gua is associated with the male household, this indicates the male household will suffer from serious illness or misfortune in 2012.

Furthermore, since the #2 star is associated with the Fire element in the Early Heaven Ba Gua, its interaction with the #7 Metal sitting star, which was [2, 7] combination, implies serious accidents and most likely fire hazards.

3. 2012 December Monthly Flying Star Chart

2012 December Monthly Flying Star Chart - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
2012 December Monthly Flying Star Chart

The # 9 monthly star at the North sector destroyed the metal element of the [6, 7] Flying Star combination at the North sector. This will serve as the “trigger” of its effect.

4. 2012 December 8 Daily Flying Star Chart

2012 December 8 Daily Flying Star Chart - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
2012 December 8 Daily Flying Star Chart

The # 9 daily flying star at the North sector reinforced the power of the # 9 monthly Flying Star and its effects on the [6, 7] flying star combination at the North sector.

5. 2012 December 8, 1am Hourly Flying Star chart

2012 December 8 1am Hourly Flying Star Chart - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
2012 December 8 1am Hourly Flying Star Chart

The # 5 hourly Flying Star at the North sector also served as the “trigger” of this accident, as it is the most vicious flying star in Period Eight (2004-2023). This star will cause serious accidents and misfortune and even causing death. Its effect in this incident was very powerful because it was being reinforced by the fire element from the above annual, monthly and daily Flying Stars.

Final Conclusion

Based on the analysis of the above natal charts, we can see that all the various Flying Stars (annual, monthly, daily and hourly) have all contributed to “triggering” this accident. This explains why the above accident occurred at this house and at the precise month, day and time. This was definitely not a random accident.

In fact, if the house owner was a follower of the potent Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui and had applied the preventive Feng Shui cures at the North sector of the house, I am certain that this accident would have been avoided.

So here are some points that I’d like to emphasize.

Feng Shui Effects Come in Many Different Ways

It is important to note that accidents like this can come in many different ways. Meaning, an identical house somewhere else may not have had a drunk driver running his/her car into the garage. The possible scenarios are countless.

Also, the “conflicts” from the “Sword-Fencing Xa” may not even be physical accidents at all. Some experts interpret this conflict to include many types of clashes, including burglary and disobedience among your subordinates.

Feng Shui is Not Just a Study of Space, But Also Time

As you see from this post, TIME has a big influence in Feng Shui.

In addition to the Flying Star annual afflictions, the month, day, and time also has its effect. When they are in perfect harmony, something great might happen. When they are not, something terrible can happen, like what you just read.

solar system similar to Feng Shui Annual Afflictions min - Feng Shui Case Study: How Xuan Kong Flying Star Explains a Car Accident
To me, the idea of time and space harmony is somewhat along the same lines of planetary alignments. Ever heard of “being at the right place at the right time”?

Time is something most of us neglect. It sometimes explains why weird and unfortunate events happen to people even when they live in a house with great Feng Shui.

If You Want Feng Shui Results, Hire an Expert or Take Courses

As you can see, a Feng Shui analysis takes both knowledge, work, and experience, just like other professional services.

Most of us read a few tips on the web and do some simple fixes, such as implementing a few Feng Shui tips for the bedroom.

However, doing those just won’t cut it, which is why Feng Shui hasn’t worked for everyone. Further, if you’re working with incomplete knowledge, it is likely that you’ll miss critical details that will lead to faulty Feng Shui analysis. For others, such as those who doesn’t know about the Flying Stars, this case study will appear totally foreign. How would you expect to use Feng Shui to your benefit if that’s the case?

Thus, if you’re serious about using Flying Stars Feng Shui to improve your life, I suggest that you either hire a Flying Stars expert or take classes taught by an expert versed with Flying Stars.


If you’re into Feng Shui, you probably know about the Bagua, the Eight Mansions, and your own personal Kua. But if you truly want to approach Feng Shui in a holistic way that can benefit you, you’d also need to know about the Flying Star Feng Shui and how time affects you. If you have doubts on whether you can get those right, I suggest that you either take courses and train yourself or find an expert.

As for Simon’s analysis, I was very impressed. I’ve never heard of any Feng Shui expert who’s calculated Feng Shui down to the hour! My first thought after reading this article was to calculate everything down to the hour and identify all the good and bad that could happen. But then, this would take too much time. I think I’m ok with just sticking with the annual (and maybe the monthly) Flying Star charts.

What do you think of Simon’s Flying Star Feng Shui analysis? Please comment and let us know!

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  1. nktwpaccount

    Hi Victor,
    What cures could the owner have done to prevent the conflict if he’d known about the Flying Star?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi nktwpaccount,
      In my experience, Flying Star cures vary by practitioners. Some would decrease the star’s elemental energy by placing items that would weaken it. Others would place Feng Shui items (like Qi Lin for 3 killings). Some would even say that you should place the items at a specific time so it would be ritually correct. Some don’t even believe in using items as cures.
      If it worries you, I would suggest that you place both elemental and item cures. Test it out and let me know!

  2. jay

    I think your flying star is wrong on the sitting side.

  3. mico

    Hi Victor, looking at the picture, there are 2 houses beside the house that got hit by the car. I assume both houses on the side would have the same flying star chart, which means all of them have equal chances of getting hit. Would there be other factors that caused the car to hit only that particular house?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mico,
      For Flying Stars, there are stars that can be activated or remain dormant depending on the type of activity/floor plan of the house. This case study is an assumption, but it’s likely that the other houses have a different interior plan, thus activating/deactivating different stars. Great question!