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People love predictions, whether they are derived from metaphysical sources or political analysts.

As a long-time Feng Shui practitioner, I get asked each year what the future holds and I can let you know some of the Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki headlines for 2023.


In the Year of the Rabbit, we would hope this cute, approachable image of a bunny would in no way indicate World War 3 or anything remotely catastrophic, but there is always more to consider than just the “year branch.”  From a Feng Shui stand point, we take some of the simpler notions and apply them to Feng Shui applications. For example, each zodiac sign is related not only to TIME, but also direction. 

Watch Out for the Grand Duke’s Area

In the Year of the Rabbit, it is also the Rabbit Direction (of exactly East) which can be irritated. This is called the Tai Sui (or Grand Duke) and deemed not a good area for digging outside or remodeling inside.  In order to know where the Rabbit Direction of dead-on east (90 degrees) is located in your own home, you will need to have a to-scale floor plan and know how to use a compass.

Are People Born in Year of Rooster at a Disadvantage in 2023?

Likewise, what is opposite the Rabbit is the Rooster.  For my Feng Shui clients, they learn that people born in the Year of the Rooster may be at a disadvantage in the Rabbit Year. But rest assured, if their Feng Shui is good and stable, they can fare through the year much better.  In fact, historically, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology were practiced together, along with Chinese medicine.

Tips for the Rooster Direction in 2023

The Rooster Direction of dead-on West is also a precarious direction for digging, demolition or remodeling in 2023.  What if you have your bathroom or kitchen remodel already planned for the east or west in 2023? What if you plan to build a pool to the east in 2023 or your neighbor to the west does a massive remodel?  These are the kinds of things I forewarn my clients about when doing annual update reports. If it is your own project, and it is going to take place in a bad year for that location, you can do certain counter-measures, which include picking at least the best month and day to start. This can off-set the bad yearly energy.


Nine Star Ki tracks trends for the individual as well as big events which could affect a whole community or even global events. Nine Star Ki pre-dates Feng Shui, but uses the vernacular of “Nine Stars” which we refer to as well in Flying Star Feng Shui.  There is a huge difference in the interpretation of the stars, and yet they have some similar origins, where it becomes more obvious where there is a connection.  For example, the Nine Star Ki 2 Star is related to food, farming, land, or a kitchen.  In Feng Shui, the 2 star is related to digestion. So we can see the connection between the two systems in this one example.

Nine Star Ki originated as part of Chinese metaphysics. In the 19th century, the Japanese Nine Ki scholars and masters took it to a whole other level and this is why some even call Nine Ki a “Japanese” form of astrology.  Astrology is not really a correct or precise term for Nine Ki, but it approaches astrology as a predictive art.

Potential Events in 2023

In 2023, the trend for the year is noted with the “center” star, which is the same as the center star in Feng Shui. It will be the 4 star in the center of the luo shu. Quite a few seemingly unrelated attributes are implied with the 4 star. This includes “documents.”  It might be a year when documents become more newsworthy. Whether it’s a continuation of the “Twitter Files” or Constitutions of various countries, we may see more documents making the News.  The 4 star is also related to aircraft and space craft. To that, we may see more plane crashes or changes within the airline industry. We may get more disclosure about UFO’s, which are now being referred to as UAP’s.  (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.)

The 4 star is also related to breathing and the respiratory tract.  Does this imply another COVID-like pandemic?  Perhaps, but that would also be casting a pretty wide net.  Unfortunately, the 4 star is also related to projectiles or anything airborne, so we may see more of an escalation in the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

On a more personal level, the 4 Wood Star people will be in the “center.”  This can be a year for renewal, starting over, starting fresh, as this is the position the 4 Star person was in back in their year of birth.  It can also be an unstable time for 4 star people. They are not anchored to an actual direction.  4 star people include those born in 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005, 2014.


In Feng Shui, the 4 Wood Star is also related more literally with “wood” and therefore paper.  The publishing industry could go through a noteworthy change or announcement.  What is just as relevant in yearly Feng Shui predictions, are the eight basic directions and what kind of yearly star inhabits those posts. Feng Shui adherents will refer to their floor plans and note where the real directional zones are located.

Many well-known Feng Shui personalities will post the Annual Stars in any given year, with recommendations for how to enhance the positive stars or diminish the “untimely” stars, which may have a more negative influence. This always makes me nervous because I know that the generic Annual advice is not always the best choice.  With my own clients, I let them know when the permanent energies of their home or business are more important than the annual energies. I also let them know when there is a conflict, which needs to be addressed with Five Element Theory. 

Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars of 2023

What follows is a simple run down of the annual stars, but with the caveat that you should have a professional consultation with a Flying Star School practitioner before using elements as Feng Shui remedies.

Annual 1 Water: Located in the Southwest for 2023, this could be seen as a clash since the direction of southwest is inherently associated with earth. Earth blocks Water. To support the water, we can use metal in the southwest for 2023, so long as that does not contradict more important permanent energies. In supporting the 1 water star, we can help prevent issues with the kidneys, blood, circulation or ears.

Annual 2 Earth: The 2 earth star will be residing in the East sector of every house or building in 2023. This 2 star is related to bleeding, accident, sickness, miscarriage or problems with the digestive area. In the Cycle of the Elements, earth is reduced with metal, so this can be another area to place literal metal objects.

Annual 3 Wood: The 3 Wood star is in the Southeast for 2023. The Southeast is inherently a “wood” direction, so there is a match with the 3 wood star. However, most people do not like the implied influence of the untimely 3 star, which can attract arguments, legal problems, or gossip. As a Wood Element, it can be reduced with Fire. I’ve done hundreds of annual updates for 2023 and a fair number of my own clients should NOT be placing fire color or burn candles in their southeast because it might be harmful to another permanent star that is more important than the annual 3.  The 3 wood star can also be controlled with metal.

Annual 4 Wood: The 4 wood is one of my favorite stars, but it is very unpredictable because it can support creative people, but also trigger infidelity. It’s very sexual energy and whether or not to weaken it with fire or enhance it with water all depends on who is using the space, for what reason and what other permanent energies the 4 star is joining. The 4 wood star is in the center for 2023, so it may have a more subtle impact on everyone by not occupying a defined direction. Even though you may read otherwise, we cannot remedy “the center.” The 4 star gets a pass in 2023.

Annual 5 Earth: Sometimes called the “Evil Emperor” or “Five Yellow,” this star has a track record for being the one star most likely to contribute to arguments, accidents, pain or delays. This energy can influence someone’s health, relationships or financial status. Cancelling out this star is indirectly a “wealth remedy” because you are addressing a force which may otherwise be sabotaging. That said every single house on the planet has two permanent 5 stars and one rotating annual 5 star. There is no escape from it.  If you feel doomed with the 5 star residing in an important part of your home, like your bedroom or home office, don’t despair.  Add metal and then greet the 5 star each morning with a bow or a salute, show respect, and you may get off easy. The 5 star sits in the Northwest for 2023.

Annual 6 Metal: This star can also go either way in terms of helping or hindering a person. The 6 “Military” star can contribute to arguments, conflicts, and power struggles.  It can also help a person get promoted and take on more authority.  What to do with the 6 metal, to enhance with earth or weaken with water, is also reliant on who is using the space. 6 Metal is in the West sector for 2023.

Annual 7 Metal: The 7 Metal star is in the Northeast for 2023. Attributes of the 7 star can include betrayals, injury or theft.  How to treat this star will also depend very much on what other stars it joins. You may need water to weaken it or fire to control it in many instances.

Annual 8 Earth: The 8 Earth star, as an annual force, is in the South in 2023. This is another example of how an annual star might be better positioned in one direction over another.  The south is inherently a “fire” direction so it can fuel the 8 earth star better than the 8 earth star in a dominating direction like southeast or a draining direction like west. The 8 earth is associated with wealth in these last 12 months of Period 8.

Annual 9 Fire: The 9 fire is in the North for 2023. The north is an inherently water direction, so this presents a clash of water dominating fire. When this occurs, it could cause eye or heart issues. In order to strengthen the fire energy, you can use Wood, which is best represented by a live leafy plant. When a live plant is impossible to use, you can substitute it with a very large display of dark green color.

You may wonder if more than one element can be used in any given direction. The answer is yes. You may wonder how much of any given element to use. How much water?  How much metal? The answer to that will depend on how big the space is.  You may also have a distinct way to remedy a room in the same direction, depending on use.  For example, you might have a sleeping room over a dining room and not use the same element because of the influence of Yin or Yang rooms.


Some metaphysicians will use every tool in their tool kit and combine Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Nine Star Ki and Yi Jing divination to make personal or global predictions. No matter what challenges are presented to you in 2023, keep this wise saying posted where you can see it:

“Sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you have actually been planted.”—Anonymous

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