(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: In 2017, I will have to decide if I will sleep with either my head facing against the direction of the Three Killings or with my head under a window. Those are the only two possible ways I can place my bed. Which option is better or less harmful? Thanks in advance!

Answer: Sleeping with your head under a window can cause physical issues, while sleeping with your head facing away from the Three Killings can cause metaphysical issues. We can overcome these issues accordingly.

If you choose to sleep under a window, then you should keep the window closed while you are in bed. You should also have a solid curtain to give you privacy at night and to block out any light in the morning. That should handle the physical problems associated with sleeping under a window for the year.

If you choose to sleep while facing away from the Three Killings, you can buy an auspicious talisman called the “Prosperous Star Shining Above” from a feng shui shop. This talisman is a well-known cure for handling the Three Killings. Alternatively, you can download the JPG file here or save the image below and have it printed in full color. The printout size should be approximately 30 centimeters by 30 centimeters or 1 foot by 1 foot. Hang it up on the wall behind your bed for 2017.

auspicious talisman called Prosperous Stars Shinning Above min - Feng Shui Bed at Three Killings or Under Window?
Image of the auspicious talisman “Prosperous Star Shining Above”.

This talisman will protect you during the Year of the Rooster. You can say a prayer for protection while hanging it up, if you like.

Another solution is to use a pair of Chinese unicorns called Qi Lins. These are easier to get but are more expensive. It’s also best if the Qi Lins are real ones made of metal.

Personally, I would choose to sleep while facing the Three Killings because there is a popular feng shui saying that goes: “If you want to increase your holdings, (then) fight the Three Killings.” Hanging up a talisman is a way of fighting it. Kung Hei Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: My bed’s headboard is placed North, and there is no way to change the direction it is facing. The North is very auspicious for me, but that is where the Three Killings will be in 2018. Could you please let me know if there’s a cure for this? Thank you so much!

Answer: Keep this direction clean and tidy. There should be no rubbish or sharp objects. Do not disturb this direction with noise and disturbances like a ticking clock or an alarm clock.

If you want a remedy for the Three Killings, the traditional and standard solution is to use an auspicious mythical animal made of brass or copper, like a dragon, a Chinese unicorn, or a Xuanwu turtle.

Because the Three Killings will be found behind your bed and to the North, you will need to be very careful with your communications and relationships this year. Think before you open your mouth and don’t be afraid to say sorry, and you will be fine.

Want more expert advice on how to fight the Three Killings or what bed placement would be best for your situation? Reach out to one of our feng shui experts today. You can easily find one in your area using our website’s search function. We can connect you to qualified feng shui consultants.

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  1. Renee Serrano

    I searched the net for the prosperous star above talisman and it’s not out there. There’s no PDF on the page that I can see to down load ….any ideas? Is there another name this object is called?

    1. Feng Shui Nexus

      Hi Renee, it’s the image that’s within the text – that red square that’s placed diagonally. Do you see it?

    2. Renee Serrano

      Yes …but the article says you can find this in a feng shui shop. I’ve done searches on the net with the name in the article and so far nothing has turned up. Is there another name that it’s under? I saved the image but I doubt it’s going to print well blown up. I too have the same setup as the person in the article:(

    3. Feng Shui Nexus

      You’re right. Let me ask Uncle Dixer for more info and get back to you.

    4. Feng Shui Nexus

      Hi Renee, I just heard back. Looks like it’s only being sold in China and on Chinese websites. He suggested an alternative – a picture of a pair of Chinese unicorn (Qilin). Hope this helps!

    5. Renee Serrano

      Thanks…already have them so that’s good:)