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I don’t think there’s really a correct answer given what we know today. But if you ask me, I’d say that crystals have its place in Feng Shui. However, I think how it’s used is still unclear and therefore, it won’t bring the improvements that you’d expect.

If you’re into Feng Shui crystals, I’m sure you’ve heard something similar to this: “Hang a crystal [here and there] to bring positive energy to your home.” Or, “place a crystal in [Bagua area] to energize and activate the energy in that sector.”

Are crystals really that powerful? I have my doubts. That’s the main reason why I wrote this article. After you finish reading this, you’ll see why I have those doubts. 

Another reason is that I see that many of us (including me) just take Feng Shui crystal tips for granted because Feng Shui experts say so.

Just to be clear, I am not here to discredit crystals for Feng Shui.

Instead, I’m here to offer more clarity as to why crystals have become part of the Feng Shui practice. I will present some facts and observations about crystals and how it relates to Feng Shui. This information is gathered from scientific publications from various Universities and a dissertation from the University of Pittsburg.

After reading this article, you can form your own opinion on whether to use crystals for Feng Shui cures or enhancements.

To begin, let’s briefly cover how crystals are used in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Claims of Using Crystals

Crystals have a broad use in today’s Feng Shui. Some experts use it as an energy booster, while others use it as a cure or an enhancer.

popular feng shui crystal ball min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
A popular crystal that’s used for Feng Shui.

Here are some tips given by Feng Shui experts on using crystals:

1 Crystals bring strong Feng Shui Earth element energy. They are most suitable to be placed in the Center, Northeast, Northwest, West, and Southwest of the home because these areas can benefit from additional Earth element.  -Rodika Tchi

2 It is very important to hang Feng Shui crystal balls using a red cord. Placing a crystal ball directly above your head while sitting at your desk can help you with your career by improving concentration. -Anjie Cho

3 Feng Shui crystals can be used for love, luck, and money. Among many uses, it can be used as a cure to “arguing doors” and to curb the Quarrelsome Star #3. -Katie Weber

There are many more Feng Shui crystal tips from other experts that are not listed here. However, my doubt remains on how effective they are when used for Feng Shui.

Here are two main reasons why.

Crystals are NOT Part of Classical Feng Shui

I was wondering whether ancient Chinese used crystals for Feng Shui purposes. So I asked my trusted source, Uncle Dixer, for his professional opinion. Thankfully, I got a response:

“Chinese do appreciate the beauty of rocks and they use them in traditional Chinese gardens and as scholar or viewing stones at home (Gongshi). But as far as I know, there is no mention of using crystals to improve Feng Shui or to use it as a cure (jiehua) in the ancient text or Classical Feng Shui.”Uncle Dixer, Feng Shui Master

So let’s be clear: Classical Feng Shui made no mention of using crystals. Thus, from a traditional and Classical Feng Shui point of view, crystals have NO place in Feng Shui.

However, one might argue that modern day crystals were non-existent in ancient China. Therefore, its use for Feng Shui has yet to be discovered by modern Feng Shui experts, which was done so.

There is some truth to this argument. After all, some of the most popular Feng Shui crystals nowadays are Amethyst Geode from South America.

Amethyst Geode Feng Shui crystal min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
The Amethyst Geode is one of the most popular Feng Shui crystals.

So let’s explore how these crystals came into use

Urbanization Resulted in the Use of Feng Shui Crystals

When Uncle Dixer was answering my question, he also forwarded me a dissertation by Shih Hsiang Sung for his Ph.D degree in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburg. Dr. Sung made great observations regarding Feng Shui crystals, specifically focused in Taiwan’s Feng Shui practice. Here’s a summary of it.

The use of crystals for Feng Shui were absent before the 1980’s. Their application was later popularized in the 1990’s by mass media. The commercial landscape and trading relations helped enable this relationship between Feng Shui and crystals.

According to his interviews with Feng Shui consultants in Taiwan, Dr. Sung found that crystals were introduced as an easy and cheap Feng Shui solution.

Due to urbanization, most residents are now living in high-rises and skyscrapers. The traditional Feng Shui application of selecting a land and planning orientation was more suitable for Feng Shui for the country-side. It is not readily applied to urban living.

apartment complex building min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
Feng Shui for urban living is quite different than traditional, rural living.

As a result, Feng Shui consultants would suggest simple solutions, such as the use of crystals or furniture arrangements, as a Feng Shui cure for urban living. To suggest an alternate solution would be too costly, because it may require the resident to change kitchen location or even bedroom location.

But why do Feng Shui consultants accept crystals as a cure? Dr. Sung also gave great insights on this.

Science has uncovered unique qualities of crystals, which you’re about to read in the next section. These qualities can also be called “energy” of the crystal.

For some of us, we can relate the crystal’s “energy”, as defined by science, with the crystal’s “Qi energy”, as defined by Feng Shui. Both energies are invisible and intangible, which is one reason why crystals have been accepted as a use in Feng Shui. Whether two “energies” defined by science and Feng Shui are the same is still inconclusive.

Nevertheless, let us explore the scientific properties of crystals to see what sort of energy it has.

Unique Properties of Crystals Based on Science

In addition to Feng Shui, crystals have been used for healing and is still quite popular today. This has prompted the scientific community to study deeper into the structure of crystals. Because human experimentation has too many variables to consider, no conclusive evidence was found between crystals and healing.

However, science has uncovered other aspects of crystals. Here’s what I found.

The Piezoelectric Effect

The Piezoelectric Effect is the ability to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The electric charge is also called piezoelectricity and can accumulate in solid materials such as crystals. The most piezoelectric crystal was the amethyst quartz, according to an experiment from the California State Science Fair.

Please note that the electric charge is generated by “mechanical stress”. In simpler terms, the crystal can have an electric charge when pressure is applied or when electric current is passed through.

piezoelectric effect cosmic energy orgonite custom made 13 min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
The piezoelectric effect of crystals. Image credit:

With that said, here’s how you can further understand piezoelectric. According to “Dr. Knowledge”, Northeastern University physicist John Swain, it means transforming energy from one to the other. From the earlier definitions, you can see that crystals can transform pressure (a form of energy) into electric energy.

Because of its ability to generate electric charge, suggestions have been made to incorporate crystals to generate energy for technological devices (Penn State University).

Crystals can also have its own magnetic field if it has an electric charge. Knowing that Feng Shui is big on compass directions, which is determined by the Earth’s magnetic poles, the crystals will also have its own magnetic energy from the electric charge it holds.

Possible Connections to EMF

In Feng Shui, we talked about why you shouldn’t live close to power lines. In addition to the negative Form energy brought by the power lines, another reason is because of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) of the power lines.

From earlier, you read that a crystal can have an electric charge when electricity passes through. But what about EMF radiation? Like those emitted by our electronic devices such as the TV or computer?

There are mentions where crystal stones can protect you from EMF’s, and that the Black Tourmaline is reputed to do just that. The author goes on saying that individuals may need different types of crystals to protect them because we may not resonate with the same crystals. However, I find this claim doubtful because it does cite authoritative sources.

Black tourmaline crystal emf min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
The Black Tourmaline crystal.

What I think is that home electronics will have an impact to the crystal’s electric charge. Meaning, EMF radiation can cause the crystal to gain an electric charge, thereby creating its own magnetic field which has the ability to interfere with Feng Shui compass reading. Can this magnetic field be the kind of energy that Feng Shui is talking about?

Possible Fallacies that Relate Crystals to Feng Shui

From my observation, there are really just two ways how crystals may NOT be related to Feng Shui. One is that the energy of the crystal does NOT equate to the “Qi” energy of Feng Shui. The other is the Placebo Effect.

Crystal Energy May NOT Equate to Feng Shui’s Qi

As mentioned earlier, one reason why Feng Shui crystals are popularized is because Feng Shui’s “Qi”, or energy, is defined vaguely. Although Feng Shui Master Howard Choy has a good definition of what it is, the invisible, intangible, and the formless is really hard to have a concrete definition.

In today’s world, we have uncovered numerous amounts of energy: potential energy, kinetic energy, magnetic energy, electric energy, mechanic energy, and countless more. Feng Shui’s Qi, in a way, is also defined as energy. Are they the same?

Alternative Energies min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?
Science has uncovered many kinds of energies, including energy generated from the wind. Are they the same as Feng Shui’s Qi energy?

Because of this vague definition, it is very possible that we have wrongly associated crystal’s energies with Feng Shui’s “Qi” energy. Meaning, Feng Shui’s Qi may NOT be the same as the electrical energy and the magnetic field that crystals can potentially create.

The Placebo Effect

There are people who claim that crystals have helped them a great deal, ranging from better health to leading a better life because of Feng Shui improvements.

However, their life improvements may not be caused by the crystals.

This is similar to the placebo effect. A placebo is commonly used for experimenting new drugs. It is anything that seems to be “real” – but isn’t.

Here’s an illustration of the placebo effect using crystal healing. It is based on a study by Christopher French, head of the anomalistic psychology research unit at the University of London.

In the study, 80 participants were asked to meditate while holding a real quartz crystal or a fake one, with those who held onto the fake crystal believing it was real. When both groups were asked about their sensations while meditating, the result from both groups were not much different. Both groups reported an increased feeling of overall well-being.

placebo effect drug company comic min - Can Crystals Really Help with Your Home’s Feng Shui?

Thus, it is possible that those who felt improvements in life by using crystals may have wrongfully given credit to crystals.

Should You Use Crystals for Feng Shui?

By now, you should have your own opinion as to whether crystals should be used for Feng Shui. If you’re still not sure, here’s what I can tell you.

Feel free to use crystals for your home, whether it be for a simple décor or for Feng Shui. All objects have its inherent elemental energy and its place in Feng Shui. After all, many of today’s Feng Shui Experts have endorsed its use for various reasons. How effective they are is THE question.

If crystals bring you a peace of mind, great! But IF you decide to use it for Feng Shui, don’t expect too much from it. Personally, I have my doubts on how much impact it has. I prefer Classical Feng Shui practices because those methods have been tried and true for centuries. Meaning, I think there are better ways to improve and enhance your home’s Feng Shui other than using crystals.


Feng Shui crystals are popularized in the 1990’s. Its use could be based on a fallacy of connection between Feng Shui’s Qi energy and crystal’s energy as discovered by science. Also, the positive effects that people experience with crystals could be a result similar to the placebo effect.

However, many of today’s Feng Shui experts have incorporated crystals into their Feng Shui practice. It is completely up to you whether to use it or not. If you do, I’ll just say one thing – don’t expect too much out of it.

Have you used crystals for Feng Shui? How has it worked for you? Please share your thoughts using the comment below!

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    I use crystals and love it. I do not find it surprising that it would be introduced in feng shui. I studied crystals before I started Feb shui and in the event of it being a placebo effect it can be true in some cases. However, we already know some stones are already being used for strong memory, and some of these do act as magnetic fields. I am very open to using crystals alongside frbg shui, it works for me! However, feng shui didn’t introduced crystals to me. Crystal healing is a study that has been used just as long as the Traditional (Classical) Feng shui. Do they work in harmony together, YES! When you get into crystals its a complete different study and it can be used together in Feng shui but it takes alot of knowledge and practice.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lisette,
      Thanks for your input! I do think crystals have its inherent energy. When I place my hand inside the Amethyst Geode, I do my hands having a strange tingly feeling. I would love to see more studies on this field!

  2. RD Chin

    Thank you so much for your well researched article! I do employ crystals as part of my Feng shui consultations; in essence, it is the client who will decide whether the crystal really contributes to enhancing the Chi energy of their space.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi RD,
      That’s also a good approach. If it makes them happy with them feeling enhanced, I think crystals deserve some credit.

    1. freelanceadmin

      Hi Faithmd13,
      I think amethyst is a great item for the home if you like to have them! I do believe they bring positive energy to the home. However, as for its effects on Feng Shui, I have my doubts as explained in this article.

  3. Kandi

    Hello, I am a Feng Shui Practitioner ( originally trained in Western but only practice Classical Feng Shui now) and a Holistic Health Practitioner ( Shamanic Energy Work , Color Therapy , Crystal Healing ) and I use Crystals when an Earth Cure is called for sometimes.
    I also use them with EMF challenges ( Shungite, Black Tourmaline etc).
    Some crystals enhance the generation of negative ions so I pay attention to those specifically . I also use Copper , Pyrite etc in areas that need the Metal Element as a Metal Cure. Copper and Pyrite have Healing qualities so using them as a Metal Cure when I have a 5.2 combination in a sector certainly can’t hurt IMO.
    I always consider the reading and take everything into consideration .
    I think in some cases, especially in sectors with negative Elemental imbalances that gridding the room with Crystals appropriately may enhance the Qi to the benefit of the client if they can’t move to another space . I am experimenting with that now. It has to be done with great care though .

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kandi,
      Thanks for sharing! What’s the best way to contact you?

      1. Kandi Dole

        Hi Victor,
        I apologize but I am just now reading this! I will include my contact information in the form below.
        Kandi D.

  4. Salwa Abboud

    Hi Victor, apart from myself you are the first person to question this, I have spoken to Howard at a Convention we both spoke at a few years ago.
    I wrote about it in the “Myths & Misconceptions of Feng Shui” my first book in 2004; they are used in healing, stop calling them Feng Shui cures.
    Even if you suggested it to a client they will think it is Feng Shui unless you stress it isn’t. T
    here are many doing that at the moment.
    its like “Would you like Fries with that?”
    With blessings.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Salwa,
      Thanks for your input! Is there a link to your book or to your website?

  5. Cindi

    Hello, are there some suggestions you have that can be used instead of crystals? My bedroom door is located at the top of my stairs and all I’ve found so far online is to hang a crystal at the top. Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Cindi,
      Hanging crystals won’t change how Qi flows. As for your concern, I’m not too sure if I understand you.