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Feng Shui provides many benefits. Some of them include better health, attracting love, and improving your money luck.

So when you Feng Shui your home, I’m assuming you probably have some goals that you want to achieve.

You may have hired a consultant to help you with Feng Shui. Or, you probably read some articles and tried to do it yourself. However, the promised benefits are not showing. What is going on? 

Before you dismiss Feng Shui as a superstition or myth, here are the top ten reasons why Feng Shui is not working for you. These reasons come from both my experience and the experiences of Feng Shui Masters and Consultants that I’ve interacted with.

1. You Didn’t Implement the Suggested Changes

This is perhaps the most common reason why Feng Shui is not working for you.

I talked to Feng Shui Consultant Donna Stellhorn about this. Her answer was that some people never implemented the suggested Feng Shui changes in their home’s setup.

After all, they spent the money for consultation. How come they don’t implement these changes?

In most cases, it’s likely that only one member of the family is seeking help from Feng Shui and other family members are resisting this idea. If this is happening to you, find ways to negotiate with them. You probably don’t even need to bring up the Feng Shui topic. Simply suggest the new arrangement or setup and make it happen. Promise them that you’ll change back to the old setup if they don’t like it or couldn’t get used to it.

Keep in mind that people are generally afraid of change. They usually prefer the status quo because that’s the comfort zone. The outcome of change is unknown, and almost everyone fears the unknown because things may get worse or inconvenient. If your family members are like that, negotiate with them, comfort them, and promise to restore the way things were if life is not improving.

2. You Only Implemented a Few Feng Shui Tips

This is very common for those who do not seek professional help from Feng Shui Consultants.

Feng Shui should be approached holistically, but most people just do it in bits and pieces. They read an article here and there on the internet, and they apply those changes. They mistakenly think that one small Feng Shui adjustment can produce results.

This is actually one of the Feng Shui misconceptions, and Diane Gallin couldn’t have said it better:

Diane Gallin Feng Shui Expert - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
Diane Gallin, Feng Shui Expert

“One caller asked if I could just ‘Feng Shui’ her bedroom since she had recently hired a decorator and was suffering from relationship problems. When I explained that authentic Feng Shui doesn’t work that way and that her own birth chart and building’s location, compass directions and construction date have far more influence over her experience than simple room décor, she was caught off guard. This is one of the most widely held myths of authentic Feng Shui and its correlation to luck.”

As you can see, Feng Shui is much more than just applying a few Feng Shui tips here and there.

To get results, many things need to be taken into consideration. Usually, this requires someone trained in Feng Shui. That is why I always suggest that you get professional help or take accredited Feng Shui courses if you want Feng Shui to help you achieve your goals.

3. You Neglected Details from Other Feng Shui Rules

This is common when you implement Feng Shui tips and cures without really understanding Feng Shui.

For instance, you read somewhere that your bed should be placed in a command position. You agreed with it, and you moved your bed accordingly.

However, there are many other bed placement rules that should be considered. For instance, what if placing the bed in command position means placing the head of your bed under a window? Also, what if placing it in command position means that the bedroom door is facing the bed?

bed under window and facing door is bad feng shui - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
Although this bed is placed in a “command position”, the head of bed is under a window and the bedroom door faces the bed.

Sometimes, abiding to one bed placement rule will conflict with another. If you lack the Feng Shui training and experience, it is quite easy to miss those details and hence, not receive the desired Feng Shui results. Here are some introductory Feng Shui classes to help you get started if you’d like to get some training.

4. You Didn’t Apply the Right Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui is quite commercialized today. You see people selling all sorts of Feng Shui items here and that make big promises.

For instance, you probably heard that a Bagua mirror or a crystal can solve ALL your Feng Shui problems (no, they are not omnipotent). Or, you’ve probably heard a generic statement claiming that placing a wind chime somewhere can help strengthen the Qi of an area (this totally depends on which area of the house). Or, you’ve probably heard that placing a three-legged toad in a random place will bring you money (which is also not the case).

I hate to break it to you, but Feng Shui doesn’t really work that way. It’s not magic, and there is rarely a one-solution fits all approach.

For instance, the three-legged toad is a symbol of wealth. It does not magically bring us money. You yourself still has to do the work! Some people believe that by buying a three-legged toad (also known as the money frog), money will come falling down from the sky to them. Maybe they’re expecting to win the lottery, or maybe they’re expecting to inherit a large sum of money from “that one rich, unknown uncle”. The money frog, based on what people say, has the ability to attract wealth for those who use it as a reminder to beget wealth, because positive thinking will lead to positive results! Below is a money frog keychain that can help you achieve this.

As for a bagua mirror, it should only be used outdoors (shop our feng shui bagua mirror collection here). As for wind chimes, it should only be used in certain areas. In fact, some experts suggest not to use it because its sound can attract bad luck.

Feng Shui reading, cures, and boosts should take into consideration your own birth chart and building’s location, compass directions and construction date. Applying Feng Shui cures randomly will bring little or no effect.

5. The Feng Shui Benefit was Misinterpreted

I’ll just mention two common misinterpretations here.

First is the misinterpretation of wealth and prosperity as mentioned in Laurent Langlais’ two articles: Why Your Feng Shui Wealth Setup is NOT Attracting You Wealth and Can Feng Shui Help Us to Become Rich?

Many of today’s Feng Shui setup claims to attract money and wealth, when in fact the setup was to attract prosperity. Wealth and prosperity are two different things. Although wealth can be included in prosperity, it does not translate into money in your pocket. So don’t be surprised that your Feng Shui wealth setup is not increasing the size of your bank account.

rsz forbidden city in china photography water meander feng shui prosperity wealth setup min - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
Traditional Feng Shui was mainly used to attract prosperity. It does not directly translate to money in your pocket.

The second misinterpretation surrounds the topic of love. In Feng Shui, the setup for attracting love and improving romance is VERY different. Attracting love is mostly used for singles looking to find a mate, whereas improving romance is usually used for those who are in a marriage or in a relationship.

The setup for attracting love should NOT be used for people who’s in an existing relationship. Doing so will give you the opposite result – having a third party in your relationship.

6. You Did Not Address the Annual Afflictions

In addition to the Feng Shui of the house and the person’s Kua number, there’s also the factor of time. Such as the Feng Shui Annual Afflictions like the last article that I published.

The annual afflictions rotate and go in cycles. The information is to help us prepare for what’s coming. Not paying attention to this can result in health consequences, like what Feng Shui Consultant Katie Weber had experienced. During that year, she ignored a warning of a serious affliction in the Southwest and her bed was in the Southwest sector in the Southwest corner. The result was that she suffered from a serious stomach infection.

7. Your Bazi wasn’t Integrated with Feng Shui Reading

Feng Shui Master Laurent Langlais talks much about this topic. His approach to Feng Shui integrates your personal Bazi with Feng Shui, which is much deeper than using just your Kua number.

While the Kua only needs your year of birth to calculate, the Bazi requires your year, month, day, and time of birth.

Sample Bazi Chart - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
A sample Bazi chart plotted from a person’s year, month, day, and time of birth.

Think of it this way. Feng Shui’s Kua number profiles people broadly, similar to a profile based on race and gender. It doesn’t tell us who the individual person really is. With Bazi, you get to know more of the details, such as health, personality, and which of the Five Elements you need to boost your life.

For example, a commonly used Water Dragon Feng Shui wealth formula could work for some people but not the others. A person with a strong Earth Bazi will benefit from such a wealth formula. However, someone who’s Bazi is a weak Fire Element will not gain much from the Water Dragon wealth formula.

So if you’re wondering why that Feng Shui wealth setup is not working for you, it could be that your Bazi requires some other type of Feng Shui setup.

8. You Neglected Macro Feng Shui

Feng Shui is more than just what’s going on inside your house. What’s outside your house is equally important, if not more.

Say that you have the perfect house that matches you and your family members. The front door, the kitchen, and the bedroom are all in great locations. However, you home is surrounded by trash processing facilities or other types of Feng Shui hazards. Do you think you’ll benefit from living there? I doubt it.

The external environment Feng Shui and the neighborhood has a great impact on your well-being. For instance, the macro Feng Shui of West Vancouver, with water and surrounding mountains, has made it one of the wealthiest neighborhood in North America.

west vancouver property wealthy feng shui area min - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
West Vancouver is one of the wealthiest neighborhood in North America

Other surrounding environments include the shape of the road around the house (such as houses at the end of T-junction), its elevation, and the neighboring buildings. All of these need to be considered if you want results from Feng Shui.

9. You Consulted Too Many Experts

When consulting a Feng Shui Expert or any other professional services, I always suggest getting a second opinion. However, if you consult too many, it can become a problem. Sometimes, consulting a high profile expert can cause a bigger problem.

Feng Shui has many schools of thought. To mention a few, there’s the Black Hat sect and the Classical Feng Shui, which includes the Compass School and the Form School. Mixing the two can be create problems because the Black Hat and the Classical Feng Shui uses two different ways to determine placements.

My preference is always to stick with Classical Feng Shui. In addition, the experts you consult with should be well-versed with most of the classical schools of Feng Shui. The expert should use the Form School to observe and analyze what can be seen, and use the Compass School to calculate what cannot be seen.

10. You Failed to Act on Opportunities

If you use Feng Shui for wealth, money will not fall down from the sky to your lap. However, it can bring opportunities to you. Whether you seize those opportunities is completely up to you.

That said, perhaps Feng Shui is already working for you. However, out of various reasons, you failed to act on those opportunities, and you’re wondering why Feng Shui is not working. It’s similar to applying all the Feng Shui boosts for health, but you continue to devour junk food and deprive yourself from sleep. How do you expect your health to improve?

junk food min - Top 10 Reasons Why Feng Shui is NOT Working for You
Can you really eat junk food everyday and stay healthy by applying Feng Shui for health? 

Here’s the truth. You have the most control over your life. Feng Shui is only there to help. It is not magic, and it cannot make choices for you. You still have to act on the opportunities that Feng Shui brings to you, most of the time through hard work and discipline.

10.5 You Expect Improvements to Happen Right Away

Please. Do not expect results to happen overnight. Again, Feng Shui does NOT work like magic.

According to various consultants, some can start to experience results in as little as 3 months. Others, it might take a while longer. According to Feng Shui Master Laurent Langlais, a Feng Shui reading that’s integrated with your Bazi can bring faster and longer-lasting results.

So if you got the right Feng Shui setup, be patient. You’ll begin to notice small changes here and there in the beginning. Those small improvements will usually accumulate and build up into bigger improvements in your life.


One of the top reasons why Feng Shui is not working for you is because you’re doing it yourself when you lack the knowledge and experience. That is why I always suggest that you consult with an expert or take some classes or training.

Remember, Feng Shui is not everything. It is not your golden ticket to the life you dreamed of. You still have to make the smart choices and make the effort.

Aside from Feng Shui, there are many other factors that influence your life. For instance, your attitude, your mind, and your actions all play a bigger role in your life than Feng Shui.

However, do not underestimate the power of Feng Shui. Given enough time, it can propel someone to reach its fullest potential, or it can devastate a person’s health.

How has Feng Shui worked for you so far? Please share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. Maria N Ledesma


    Thank so much for your response. Now I know that I have to set the Bagua with the Career right where the front door is. Sadly, that means that the Romance and relationship area will be where my bathroom is. What cure can I use? And I am asking this, because indeed is needed.

    Many thanks,
    Maria Natalia

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maria,
      The best option is to keep it clean and well-ventilated! Having the bathroom there would not be an issue if you keep it clean.

  2. Lori

    This is a great post! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. Andrew

    I followed this stuff, it just did not work and i even adjusted things over time and still zero difference. I have found that it did not work at all for me in any areas of life, despite following suggestions

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Andrew,
      Did you engage an expert? If so, do you mind sharing his/her name?

  4. Howard Choy

    Why your FS is not working for you when you have taken the top 10 advice and you have engaged the best FS expert to lay out the furniture and the “cures” for you, is because you got the objects, the furniture and the “cures” right, but you did not have an action plan nor you have taken any actions to make your wish come true. It takes the coming together of the Heaven Qi, the Earth Qi and the Human Qi for Feng Shui to work, just putting the stuff in the right place and even at the right time, without you input and your human effort, is not going to make your Feng Shui work, it is just wishful thinking, in my humble opinion.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Howard,
      Thanks for sharing your insights! Greatly appreciate it!

  5. Mokgadinyana Othomile

    Can you share name of an expect that can help me see results

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mokgadinyana,
      Where are you located at? Any preference in school of Feng Shui?

  6. Ebenezer

    Where can i locate the school of Feng Shui in Ghana?

  7. Catherine Craig

    Where can I find an expert to speak with. I’m located in Bullard Texas and in the process of selling my home. I’m in a relationship he is in Florida my intent is to move there. I’m needing an expert to speak with. Which Fen Shui is Right for me for the love to stay strong and for money I can’t work due to being disabled. Please help if you can Victor Cheung